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Surf Ninjas

015 36F E66 Start with only 1 life 065 36F E66 Start with 6 lives 095 36F E66 Start with 9 lives 3AE 28F 2A2 Infinite lives 00F 47A E6E Infinite Zatches 010 AEF E6A Start on level 2: Docks of Venice, CA 020 AEF E6A Start on level 3: Island of Patu San 040 AEF E6A Start on level 4: jungle of Patu San 050 AEF E6A Start at the cave of the ancients Next two codes are for practice only. You can not complete the game without collecting the Kwantzu in the Cave of the Ancients 060 AEF E6A Start on level 5: Colonel Chi's prison camp 070 AEF E6A Start on level 6: Colonel Chi's Fortress 005 49F E62 Start with no Zatches 015 49F E62 Start with only 1 Zatch 105 49F E62 Start with 10 Zatches 505 49F E62 Start with 50 Zatches 005 4AF E66 Start with no hints 015 4AF E66 Start with only one hint 105 4AF E66 Start with 10 hints 505 4AF E66 Start with 50 hints 005 4BF B3E Start with no weapons 055 4BF B3E Start with 5 of each weapon 305 4BF B3E Start with 30 of each weapon 505 4BF B3E Start with 50 of each weapon 005 4CF 2AA Start with no gold 155 4CF 2AA Start with only 15 gold coins 605 4CF 2AA Start with 60 gold coins 995 4CF 2AA Start with 99 gold coins C9A ABA 19E Infinite hints 000 72E E6E Infinite weapons 3A2 9A9 2A2 Infinite gold

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