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The Quest for the Shaven Yak Starring Ren and Stimpy

013 4EE E66 Start with 1 life 053 4EE E66 Start with 5 lives 093 4EE E66 Start with 9 lives 001 D8F 5D4 Start on a strange level 001 B8E 3BE Infinite lives 00E ACB 3BE Infinite energy 021 C0E F72 Stimpy starts with less energy after 1st life 031 C0E F72 Stimpy starts with half energy after 1st life 00E E7C E6E Invincible after first hit 01E ECB 803 You still get hurt when you flash 99E ECB 803 Flash twice as long after getting hit FFE ECB 803 Flash longer after getting hit 00E ECB 803 Flash a lot longer after getting hit

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