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Ninja Gaiden

C90 CBE 2A2 Infinite energy 009 439 F79 Infinite lives 011 EDF E66 Start with 1 life 051 EDF E66 Start with 5 lives 081 EDF E66 Start with 8 lives 021 6CF E6E Start on act 2 (Smuggling) 031 6CF E6E Start on act 3 (Skyscraper) 041 6CF E6E Start on act 4, part 1 (Counterattack) 051 6CF E6E Start on act 4, part 2 (Counterattack) 061 6CF E6E See end credits C35-F6F-E61 Infinite time 834-D7F-E60 Start timer at 399 854-D7F-E60 Start timer at 599 000-C7E-B30 Almost invincible 665-64F-E64 Slow motion! 3E2-07C-082 + 012-08C-C46 + 002-09C-A21 Kill most level bosses with 1 hit

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