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Jurassic Park

3AC B49 2A2 Infinite lives 00E 739 E69 Infinite continues AF8 22D A20 1 touch by an enemy is fatal 01A 11B E66 Start with 1 energy point 02A 11B E66 Start with 2 energy points 05A 11B E66 Start with 5 energy points 09A 11B E66 Start with 9 energy points AF6 E68 19A One hit by an enemy is fatal 3A6 E78 2A2 Invincibility Action Stage Codes: 01E 2EB E66 Start with 1 life--1st game only 02E 2EB E66 Start with 2 lives--1st game only 05E 2EB E66 Start with 5 lives--1st game only 09E 2EB E66 Start with 9 lives--1st game only Pteranodon Level Codes: 012 509 E62 Hit enemies 1x and they run away 052 509 E62 Hit enemies 5x and they run away 092 509 E62 Hit enemies 9x and they run away 05E 679 E66 Start with 5 lives on continue 01E 679 E66 Start with 1 life on continue 09E 679 E66 Start with 9 lives on continue C98 26D 19D Invincibility--action stage only 01E 2EB E66 + 01E 11B E66 Start first game with 1 life and 1 continue 05E 2EB E66 + 05E 11B E66 Start first game with 5 lives and 5 continues 09E 2EB E66 + 09E 11B E66 Start first game with 9 lives and 9 continues

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