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James Pond 2

015-C7F-E66 Start 1st game with 1 life 055-C7F-E66 Start 1st game with 5 lives 095-C7F-E66 Start 1st game with 9 lives 01F-3FB-801 Infinite lives 015-CCF-E66 Start 1st life with 1 energy 055-CCF-E66 Start 1st life with 5 energy 095-CCF-E66 Start 1st life with 9 energy 017-36F-E66 Start rest of lives with 1 energy 057-36F-E66 Start rest of lives with 5 energy 097-36F-E66 Start rest of lives with 9 energy 01E-30C-801 Immunity to spikes FF5-D2F-E6A Invincibility, and also one touch from you kills baddies 025-94F-F7A Start with 1 continue 055-94F-F7A Start with 4 continues 095-94F-F7A Start with 8 continues 005-D8F-801 Infinite continues

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