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Double Dragon

012 19F E66 Start with 2 lives 052 19F E66 Start with 6 lives 092 19F E66 Start with 10 lives 012 21F F76 Start with 1 energy bar for first knockdown only 022 21F F76 Start with two energy bars for first knockdown only 00F 03F 3BF Start with lots of energy 00C B6F 3BE Pick up gun and keep till end of level 013 D9C DD6 Gun has 1 bullet 053 D9C DD6 Gun has 5 bullets 093 D9C DD6 Gun has 9 bullets 017 EAD E66 2 lives after 1st continue 057 EAD E66 6 lives after 1st continue 097 EAD E66 10 lives after 1st continue 007 E5D 3B7 Infinite continues 014 37F F76 Start with 1 energy bar after 1st LIFE 024 37F F76 Start with 1.5 energy bars after 1st LIFE 034 37F F76 Start with 2 energy bars after 1st LIFE AFD 0AE F70 Nasties warp all over the place--very hard to kill

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