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Deep Duck Trouble Starring Darkwing Duck

016-DBF-E66 Start with 1 life 0A6-DBF-E66 Start with 10 lives 0F6-DBF-E66 Start with 15 lives 016-E8F-E66 Start with 1 gem 0A6-E8F-E66 Start with 10 gems 0F6-E8F-E66 Start with 15 gems 886-E4F-5D4 Start on Inlet 3A9-319-2A2 Infinite lives 014-35E-E66 Get 1 star after you lose a life 0A4-35E-E66 Get 10 stars after you lose a life 0F4-35E-E66 Get 15 stars after you lose a life 3A0-5D5-2A2 Almost infinite stars C90-C65-082 Almost invincible

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