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Zombies Ate My Neighbors

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Reviewed by Jeremy Peeples Zombies Ate My Neighbors was released in the summer of 1993 for the Sega Genesis, it was developed by LucasArts (they later made a sequel to this, and a game along the same lines calls Herc's Adventures) this game was highly praised for its B-Movie feel and its tight gameplay that truly stands the test of time. This game was developed by Lucasarts and is considered by many to be a classic (or at the very least a cult-classic.) Graphics-8/10- The graphics are quite clear, their is nary a hint of choppiness in this game despite all of the on-screen action (this in and of itself is a small miracle), the game is quite colorful considering the console It's on. The character design is a pleasant surprise, most of the characters (both of the protagonists, all of the antagonists, and pretty much all of the victimes) are very stereotpical and enhance the game's B-movie atmosphere. Level design is another strong graphical point, the levels are huge and are very diverse in setting, (some examples: a mall, a grocery store, a pyramid, and an office building) The only real downside to the game is the lack of detail in some items (namely the weapons.) Pros- Excellent character design. Excellent level design. Cons- Lack of weapon detail Sound/Music-10/10- The music fits each level perfctly and really helps set the overall mood and tone of the game, It's very B-movie-ish and helps create suspense in some places. The sound effects are another high-point of the game's sound, they are amazingly clear and fit each action perfectly (for weapons; the bazooka sounds like a bazooka, and a water gun sounds like a water gun. For level effects; doors opening sound like they should, the same goes for water splashing.) The game's voice effects, more specifically, the death howls (from the victims) sound great, they really increase the tension level. Pros- Music helps set the mood. Sound effects are spot-on. Voice effects increase the tension level. Cons- None. Control-10/10- The controls will never present a problem, it doesn't matter much if you have a 6-Button pad or not, (a 6-button pad helps, but the controls are still manageable without one, they may be a little cumbersome for some though), all actions are mapped to buttons that make sense for the action, you can configure the controls, if, for some reason, you don't like the default setup. They are also quite responsive. Pros- Very responsive controls. Good button layout for 6-Button pad. Cons- Control with a 3-Button pad may be cumbersom. Gameplay-9/10- Very original, not many games like it were released before it and only a few after it ( mainly, all the Lucasarts games I mentioned in the intro.), it definetely stands the test of time better than most games. Pros- Very original. Cons- None Replay Value-9/10- Over 50 levels (not including secret levels); trying to beat them all without using a password will definitely keep you coming back for more. Pros-Great gameplay, excellent control,a great mood, and amazing replay value will keep you hooked. Cons-The graphics are kinda bland and it may be too long for some. Presentation-10/10- Everything fits the setting and helps to set the mood. The campiness in this game is fine, this game doesn't take itself too seriously, so it fits beautifully. Pros- True B-movie look and feel. Campiness is fitting. Cons- None Buy or Rent?-Buy- This is an excellent game that you will never regret purchasing. Overall-10/10- This game is a true classic and is part of a genre that has sadly died off; in some ways it can be considered a forerunner to the Resident Evil series(mainly because of the obvious (and campy) B-Movie influences (i.e.? in this game; your character turning into a monster, the demonic dolls with axes and the HUGE baby) and in R.E.; the killing of an endless number of zombies (also in this game) and the horrid voice acting.) For Nomad owners- This game looks and sounds great, the game still controls like a dream, there is not much blurring and the sound is crystal clear.

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