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WWF Super Wrestlemania

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner WWF Super Wrestlemania was a mediocre game. The roster was small, the sound FX was bad, and the entrance music sucked, a lot of problems really hampered this game bad. Graphics The guys looked better than anything seen at the time, but still they weren't good. Everyone shared the same body, and Macho man and HBK had the same pants. The faces barely resembled the characters; the audience was flat and life less. Sound The music sounding bad, it barely resembled the real wrestlers theme songs, there wasn't any commentary. The music was pretty pathetic but not half as bad as the FX. Punches sounded like a typewriter, everyone had the same generic "ugh" when they got hit. The music that played before a match was loud and annoying. The whole musical department needed a serious overhaul. Game Play This gam is for 1 or 2 players you had a very small roster of wrestlers including Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Ultimate Warrior, HBK to name a few. HBK didn't have sweet chin music; he had a very generic slam. Ultimate Warrior didn't do the bench press; he did the flying body attack, and a move he barely used. The match types were limited as well, tag teams match a survivor series, where using the other 2 guys is a mystery, and singles. These matches are not enough to satisfy the die-hard wrestling fan. Everyone did the same move except for their finishing moves; well at least this version had them, which is way better than the SNES for that fact. The men moved very slow, and you never knew if you winning a grapple, these are major flaws to me. The difficulty is adjustable, and there isn't any saves or battery back up. Overall 3 out of 10 Well if you like boring non realistic wrestling sims then this is a match made in heaven. The only real factor that is saving this game is Ultimate Warrior with out him this game would be in the crapper. If the music might have been a little better and you had for moves then this would have definitely had a higher rating well what's done is done. The replay value is low because this game is boring to play, so why would you want to keep playing it? If you really need a wrestling sim for Genesis go with one of the later one because this one isn't worth the time.

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