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WWF Royal Rumble

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner When Royal Rumble came out it was what everyone wanted. It had great graphics, wrestler themes; good moves every thing combined leads to a great game. Graphics The graphics were great even though every wrestler shared the same body, the faces did look pretty close to the real thing. The ring looked the same throughout the game, and so did everything else. The wrestler size really saved the graphics. Sound The wrestler songs were great; some classics like Hulk Hogan's Macho Man, and Undertaker. There weren't any entrances you heard the music during the wrestler selection screen. The sound FX was the same "ugh" for everybody, nothing different. The good wrestler themes were basically the whole sound department. Game Play This game is for 1 or 2 players. The wrestler roster was, Hulk Hogan, Macho Man, Lex Luger, Razor Ramon, Bret Hart, Rick Martell, HBK Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker, Papa Shango, Hacksaw Jim Dugan, Crush. At the time these were the 12 top WWF Superstars, and they all have their own finishing moves. You had a lot of modes like Survivor Series, tag team, 1 on 1, and of course a Royal Rumble. The Royal Rumble was a lot of fun, you can have all 12 superstars in it, only 6 in a ring at a time though. The controls were easy. And you had to do a lot of button mashing to win grapples; I hated this I'm glad you don't have to do this today. You can go have a season mode to win the belts, for tag team or world. The difficulty is adjustable, and there aren't any passwords, or battery back ups. Overall 8 out of 10 This is a good game, and it is way better than Super WrestleMania. It has a good roster of characters to chose from and it is a lot of fun. For the time that this game was made, this was considered top-notch quality, and was almost dead even with the SNES version as well. The replay value is high because of all the matches and fun of this game, you won't be bored any time soon. If you want a good wrestling game for Genesis this is a good one.

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