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Reviewed by Dyson Turner WWF Raw wasn't that different than Royal Rumble. The graphics were a little better the music was about, the same, and it only had a few new options. This is like an improved Royal Rumble, but they still didn't improve on the wrestling engine. Graphics The graphics weren't that much different than, Royal Rumble. The characters did have a little bit of a different size to them other than that nothing. The ring looked the same, and it did have a little different on the outside of the ring. All and all the graphics were ok. Sound I think the songs were just about the same as last years versions, will with the difference of the new added characters. There still wasn't any commentary; you didn't have player voices either. All you really have was the thuds of guys getting slammed. Game Play This game was for 1 to 4 players. You did have a good roster of wrestlers, which was a plus. You had some new modes as well like survivor series elimination match Royal rumble, tagteam and singles. The wrestlers did have different moves and some had the same. Everyone did have a different finishing move, still no Sweet Chin Music from HBK. You do have the cool one's like the jack knife, sharpshooter, and the Tombstone piledriver. You had to tourneys, world title, and tag team titles. This game isn't too difficult, the difficulty is adjustable if you want it harder. The same problem that was in Royal rumble is here as well. I'm tired of button mashing this isn't wrestling like this, and you can cheat with a 6-button controller. This game doesn't have passwords or battery back up. Overall 7 out of 10 This is still a good game if you don't have the Royal Rumble. Unless you really love wrestling and must have every title then this would be good for you. If you just want one, Wrestlemania or Royal rumble is better. This is still a good game, but it's too much like Royal rumble for it to be considered worthy. The replay value is high by the way since you have all those great matches to play and, it is kind of fun with two players. If you are looking for a wrestling game for your Genesis, and you don't have Rumble then you should get it.

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