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World Series Baseball '95

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner World Series Baseball was truly a great game, when it played which was in fact after I have previously played PSX and N64 baseball games it still had great graphics and it held my interest even though bigger and better baseball games were already on the market. Sega really didn't do well with other sports from the big four and a few disastrous baseball titles like Tommy Lasourda baseball but this one was truly better and it lead them in the right direction, which is a very good thing. The graphics sound the fielding and numerous options all lead up to a superb game. Visuals 10/10 Just fantastic for the year this came out. With failed titles like NFL '95 floating around this game truly made up for it. The field looked great and each one looked just like the towns that they were in. Like Boston and its Green Monster, Wrigley Field, Yankee Stadium, Shea stadium all of them look quite authentic size wise and what were in them. The field it self looked great and so did the fans in the stands when you cracked one out in the out field in a stadium where the sun was beaming the players actually lost sight of the ball which was just about as realistic as it got. Audio 10/10 Some great authentic baseball music played this one. My favorite would have to be the song that played during the Classic Home Run Derby. It sounded like those old films I seen of the home run derby's of the time. The other music in the game played nicely too, and I have to give a big hand to what Sega did with some of the music that was found in this game. The sound FX were as authentic as the Genesis was getting from the swing of the bat, the different sounds for pop up fly's, sacrifice fly's, and all out homer runs. The announcer was sparse but when he did say something it was usually worth hearing like "Over the Green Monster" and he called each strike or ball. Unlike today's baseball announcer who constantly ran their mouths about nothing. Game Play 10/10 This game is for 1 to 4 players. Besides regular season and exhibition you have other modes as well, like Home Run Derby Classic Hone Run Derby, and All Star Games. You also have Draft and Team Trades, Team trades could be as lop sided as you wanted them to be which is a good thing, you can only play as regulation players no great from the All Time All Star Teams. The regular season mode provided the most challenge because you can play quarter, medium, or full season, and a career season, which you have to play series and not just 1 team at a time. This game sported both the MLB and The MLBPA license, real names players the whole 9. You even get realistic looking players like The Big Unit, Big Mac, Sosa, Griffey, Mike P, and plenty of other great to make your all-star team and blow away the competition. The all-star games were fun as well, you had all the greats as well like Babe Ruth, Lou Gherig, Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays, and almost any other great you can think of. Its fun putting these guys against the big home run hitters who is always a lot of fun. The difficulty is adjustable, and there is battery back up to save your game. Overall 10/10 World Series Baseball '95 is an immensely fun game that is great in every category. This one will keep your interest for weeks to come, and it is always fun to play when friends are over whether it is a home run derby or regular game. With the realistic fields the game has never been this good on Genesis and it blew me away, this is way better than those Griffey games for SNES. If you love baseball and want a good one for your Genesis look no further than World Series '95.

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