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World Series Baseball '95

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Reviewed by Dale Kulas Graphics: 10: WOW! These are the best graphics, for any 16-bit baseball game I ever saw(excluding this game's sequels). They blow the graphics away against the Griffey games on the SNES. The batter-pitcher interface is just looks spectacular!. The field, and the rest of the stadium looks excellent as well. Sound: 10: Awesom play-by-play for Geneseis. You hear the ump call Strikes 1, 2, and 3 and Balls 1, 2, 3, and 4. And the commentator sounds good as well, he sounds awesome when he says, "Deep fly to the outfield," and he says it in such a weird relaxed tone, it's hilarious. You also hear the announcer announce each at bat as well, which is kinda cool. The sound effects are awesome as well. Gameplay: 9: The gameplay is really good in this game. Fielding is a snap, and pitching and batting is pretty easy as well, with on screen directions telling you which button does what type of hit/bunt you can do. The auto-fielding option is pretty cool, but once your fielder reaches the ball you gotta throw it, but it's a worthy sacrifice. There's a nice variety of gameplay modes, there's exhibition, season, home run derby, and classic home run derby. Replay Value: 8: They have both MLB and MLBPA liscenses, so you got all the real players, teams, and logos. The game can also be played by up to 2 players. Plus with the addition of the 2 Home Run Derby modes, this game is even funner to play. Overall: 9: A great baseball game by Sega. The World Series Baseball games, are the best series of baseball games ever! WS BB '98 for Saturn is hailed as the greatest home console game ever,(even better than the current PSX, and N64 BB games!) , but you'd be better off getting one of World Series Baseball sequels for Geneseis like WS '96 or '97 (And I think there's even a "98 version too!).

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