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World Heroes

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Reviewed by Jeremy Peeples World Heroes was released during the summer of 1994 as a port of the arcade classic of the same name. Many fans of the series (myself included) wondered how a good version of the original game could possibly be done on the Genesis. Well, I don't know how it was done, but it was, now on to the review. Graphics-7/10- The characters are large, nicely detailed, and animate fluidly. The normal backgrounds are nicely detailed and feature numerous little touches. The Death Match backgrounds come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from 2 walls of spikes, to a flaming wrestling ring, they are all very unique and add some personality to the game. The only serious downside to the graphics is the rather dark, somewhat drab look of the game, some sacrifices had to be made and I assume the use of vibrant colors was one of them. Pros- Large, fluidly animated characters. Colorful backgrounds. Cons- The game has a dark look overall. Sound-6/10- The music is rather bland and uninspired, the sound effects are nice and always fit the actions, the voice effects are a pleasant surprise, they're still grainy, but nowhere near as bad as other games. Pros- The sound effects are great, and the voice effects aren't too shabby either. Cons- The music is bland. Story-2/10- A group of fighter fights to win a tournament sponsored by an evil madman , how original. Pros- None Cons- It's been done in every fighting game since Street Fighter II and it never gets any better, a little originality couldn't hurt. Gameplay-8/10- You can choose between Normal and Death Match modes. Normal is the usual fight-until-you-beat-the-boss mode That's in every fighting game. Death Match is a very unique mode in which you fight opponents in unique arenas; an arena with walls of spikes or on electrified wrestling ring are just 2 examples. The fighters in this game are truly unique, Rasputin is one of the most original fighting game characters ever, there are also the usual fighting game characters, the wrestler M. Power, the palette swaps; Honzo and Fuuma, and an M. Bison look alike who plays like Inspector Gadget in Brocken. The only downside is that the game does play a little slowly at times, a speed setting wouldn't have hurt. Pros- Diverse cast of characters, very unique arenas. Cons- The slow gameplay. Control-8/10- Most moves are easy to pull off thanks to the responsive control. Unfortunately, it's a double-edged sword, other moves border on the realm of impossible because of it (you must hit the commands perfectly, there is no margin for error.) Pros- The tight control makes most moves a breeze to execute. Cons- Unfortunately, It's too tight, harder moves are nearly impossible to pull off, you must have pinpoint precision when attempting them. Presentation-10/10- Excellent, the presentation is arcade-perfect. Pros- It's arcade-perfect. Cons- If you didn't like the arcade version's presentation, you won't like this one? either. Overall-8/10- This game combines great graphics, wonderful character design, good sound, and for the most part, excellent control to make one of the most original fighting games ever. For Nomad Owners- This game suffers some minor blurring, the sound is still good, and the control is as tight as ever. Overall, it's a great game for Nomad owners.

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