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Wonder Boy in Monster World

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li Wonder Boy III is a really fun action game that I enjoyed the most, by using a two-player mode game against my friend. Graphics - 9 The graphics are totally amazing for a 2D game like this. The characters are cute and the enemies are wacky! It's totally cool! The graphics are also detailed. Musics - 8 The musics can be regarded okay. There are some fast-rhythm background musics that I quite like it and some musics are soft and nice. Gameplay - 10 What can I say for a totally fun game like this? There are two characters you can choose to play. The bosses as I have said, are a bit easy and are real wacky! There are lots of items for you to take as well as many enemies for you to shoot. This game can provide you hours of entertainment! Replaybility - 8 I don't know whether it is my feeling or what but somehow, I keep returning to this game, together with my younger brother to play with. This exciting little game can be enjoyed by all people of all ages. Overall - 10 This is a must-have game for all gamers! This game will glue you to the TV for more than two or three hours! Buy this game, now!

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