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Wimbeldon Tennis

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Reviewed by Inkhands Ever wanted to play in Wimbeldon, but didn't feel like doing all the hard work it takes to get there? Hmm...right...anyway....this is a tennis game. In this tennis game you are supposedly playing in probably the most famous tennis tournament of the world - Wimbeldon. You'd never really know it by playing it or looking at it, but take the game's word for it. You are Wimbeldon. Really you are. Honest. You really only have two modes in this game. An exhibition mode in which you can play singles or doubles for 1 to 4 players. The other mode is the tournament mode where you play against seven other players for the title. Only seven...that's right. Whereas the real Wimbeldon has 60+ players completing in it, but who's really counting. Basically you have 24 players total to choose from in this game. There are 12 men and 12 women. None of these players are actual real life players, only made up ones. Either than or they changed the names to protect the innocent. Hmm....All these players have their own stat sheet. They are divided into one of three categories - base liner, net player, or an all round player. They have a total of 10 levels. The higher the level the higher their points are in their ability column. Up to 10 points per ability. The abilities are Serve Power, Forehand Power and control, backhand power and control, and footwork. You also see if they are left or right handed and what kind of topspin they have. You choose either manual or semi-auto for the control of your player. You also have some other options for the game. Color signal, dynamic sizing, locus display, timing chime, and bound pointer. These do such things as color the tennis ball and show the path the ball will take after every impact. I personally didn't like the control setup of this game. There is only one court and it's a grass court so the ball doesn't have much of a bounce. This makes getting contact with the ball after that first bounce harder as it tends to lay very low on the ground. Also this game suffers from that "the player ran into the ball and it hit him in the head" syndrome. Move the wrong way and your player won't even to swing at the ball, he or she will be too sidetracked by getting knocked in the head with hit. The control is not a good point to the game. Neither is the graphics. The graphics are the same graphics that can be found in many tennis games. Players that all look, move, and act alike. There is little sound in this game, per usual for a tennis game. Just music between plays. The sound is the bouncing of the ball on the court, but for some reason I actually like the sound of the ball hitting the court and the rackets. More than I usually care for the effects in tennis games. The challenge in this game is kind of high, because it does take a while to get into the groove of this game. The lack of bounce makes shots more difficult to get to. Also the players all start out at pretty low levels in terms of their abilities. Fun Factor and Replay Value. Almost all tennis games are pretty fun to me, but unfortunately they tend to be about average or a little above average overall. This one is no exception, but it still how a decent amount of enjoyment. As for replaying this game....the game doesn't offer a lot of options. So that really hurts the replay value of the game. Overall - Not to compare games here...I truly hate to compare games, but this isn't the best tennis game on the Genesis. In fact the one that is much better is ATP Tennis. Why is that game better than this one? It has more players, you can create up to four of your own players, it has a full tennis tour made up of about 10 tournaments. This one has none of those options. So sure this game isn't as deep as that one, but this game offers far from a mediocre experience. If you like tennis games this one might be worth taking at least a look at. If however you want to only buy just one really good tennis title for the Genesis, look at ATP Tennis instead. So maybe this isn't the best, but it isn't a bad game either. I wouldn't really recommend purchasing this game, but of course you don't have to take my word for it. It's your money. Graphics - 6/10 Sound - 5/10 Control - 5/10 Challenge - 7/10 Fun Factor - 6/10 Gameplay - 7/10 Replay Value - 5/10 Overall - 6/10

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