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Reviewed by Shinnokxz If you look at Weaponlord behind a glass case, then see it played for about 5 minutes, you would think this it is just another fighting game, crappy controls, bland story, and all around annoying gameplay. My friend gave me Weaponlord because his Sega Genesis had been broken, he came over to my house, and we played it for about 5 minutes. Right off I thought it was nothing buy another fighting game. It reminded me a lot of that really bad Killer Instinct for the SNES. Once my friend had left, I started playing it more and more. The first thing that I though that was good about it in particular, is it's way of gameplay. In this case, you HAVE to do fatalities in order to win the game (Like if you do not kill Korr, just knock him out you will have to face him again in the Demonlands until you have successfuly killed him). The stoary is also something to brag about. A demon known at "Raith" has tooken shape in a body of a dying man. He, then challenges all kings in a fight for their kingdom. He was ruler until 25 years later, when a Shaman atold of the apocalypse. He then through a tournament knowing that their is not much time left. The graphics in this game are done with outstanding a well-done texturisation. The backgrounds in this, although limited, are done with quite precise work of programming skills. They have so many textured and realistic things in the background, you might quite often mistake this for a 16-bit Soul Calibur. The stages I like most in particule, is the last stage. As the random warrior fights for a new kingdom, a blood red moon rises, just as foretold by the Shaman. The characters are also done with quite good skill. Although quite small, and are limited (only 6), they are still very well done. They're nice and original artwork, they seem to have a number of moves and fatalities. And they look great. The Audio in this game is slightly slanted towards being good. The only draw back is the voices and screams. The background music is nothing short of well orchestrated and wel done FX. The opening introductuon theme is also done, and quite catchy. The characters screams and voices are not done too well though. They scream with a very bland kind of feeling, almost reminding you of Mortal Kombat 3 for Genesis. But you can obviously tell this game was not meant for voice acting, it still lacks in that department, basically because of lack of space. But, being a fighting game, voices are too much to whine over, it's the way it's put together. The control in this game is very hard to understand at first. There, I summed it out. One of the most unique things about this game is it's controls. Most of the moves need to have a lot of button-ins in order to work. And even have some LEFT-UP direcional sequences needed for moves. But, once you get the hang of it, these games controls will make you want a sequel to come out. The story in this game is all-around great. A lot like Shaq Fu (Which only MUCH MUCH better story) this game has a story mode. I pretty much summed the story up in the first paragragh of the review, so I wont bother typing it all up again. You start ou in the Mainlands, then once you have defeated 6 characters there, you must go to the Demonlands, you will face the same characters, only they are much harder. Then, you fight the Lord Demon himself, Raith. Gameplay in this game is outstanding. The controls are up to par. The Story in this game is nothing to snooze over. And the characters are beatiful peices of artwork. The only gripe I have for this, is the anit-new comer policy. This game takes time to get used to! Not only are the controls friendly, but the difficulty is pretty darn hard! (No, i'am not saying the AL is cheap). The game runs at a slow, but steady pace if anything. It's not boring enough to throw the controller across the room like with Killer Instinct, and it's not as slow enough as the throw a french fry at the screen like Primal Rage (?). The moves and how the fatalites work is pretty cool. Do you remember when I said in order to beat the game, you will have had SUCCESSFULLY do a fatality on an opponent? Well, it's easy. Just do any of the characters moves in his arsenal as the killing move in the 2'nd round of your battlem and WAH-LAH! You have a couple of body parts flying all over the screen! GOOD POINT ABOUT THE GAME: 1. Great Graphics 2. Original Gameplay 3. Great Music 4. Awesome Story 5. Great Controls BAD POINTS ABOUT THE GAME: 1. Hard to figure Out at first 2. Bluggy Sound and Voices Summary: GRAPHICS: 9.3/10 AUDIO: 7.2/10 STORY: 10/10 CONTROLS: 9.0/10 GAMEPLAY: 10/10 OVERALL: 9/10

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