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Reviewed by Jeremy Peeples Weaponlord was relaseed in 1995 by Namco and can be considered a foreshadowing of sorts (a fighting gane with great gameplay, graphics, and controls (Soul Calibur anyone?) At the time this game was considered destined for greatness (it was moderateley hyped), unfortunately it did not sell well (the game's quality was not an issue, it saw just released at a bad time for 16-bit games) and signalled the end of Namco on 16-bit systms. Graphics-9-The characters are all very unique with very different fighting styles that blend well, the moves are animated smoothly (even compared to today's games) and the huge characters never slow it down, the game also features excellent backrounds that are very detailed. Sound-7- The voices are clear as are the battle grunts but the in-game music is somewhat annoying and repetitive. Control-10-The controls are crisp and all moves are easy to execute (with the game's vast moves list this is no small feat), definitely one of the best featues of the game. Story-n/a-I lost the manual to the game and I don't remember too many details about it, (I don't remember it being too great though.) Gameplay-9-The original charcters react well with each other and the blood flows realistically (this was a rarity back in 1995),the smooth animation cannot be praised enough (it truly is a thing of beauty), the only downside is the sound. Overall-9-This game has many good parts, among them are the excellent graphics, controls, and gameplay, the only thing that is even remotely bad is the music which is more than adequate. For Nomad owners- This game runs perfectly, the graphics are clear with small amounts of blurring, the special moves don't lose any detail (the small screen ocassionally caused massive blurring in some games, but thankfully not this one) and the sound is crystal clear (the Nomad's speaker is excellent), this game is perfect for the Nomad.

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