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Virtua Racing

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Virtua Racing was a great game, low on options it makes up for it in the graphics department, and the music was great too. Virtua Racing was the first and last Genesis game to you the SX Chip, it enhanced the game so that it would be able to produce 3D graphics, and this one came with a hefty price tag of one hundred dollars. Graphics Everything was great, beautiful 3D cars and backgrounds. There was even a 3D pit crew, these guys did look kind of dumb, and not like people at all. There was 3 beautiful stages like a bridge, and tree's everything was 3 dimensional and outstanding. The cars were Formula 1 racing and they all looked great. The whole graphical department was great, and it shows a lot of effort was put into making this game this great. These are hands down the best graphics on Genesis. Sound The music was great too, even though it only came in teasing snippets every time you passed a check point, what was their was great. There was also a song in the beginning, which was good as well. The Sound FX were Virtua Racing worthy, crashes, flips, and tire screeching was all there in its purest form. The sound department went well with the graphics. Game Play This game was for 1 or 2 players; it did have quite a few modes. You can have regular races, 1 on 1 with a friend, time trials and free play. There were only 3 tracks, beginner, intermediate and hard. You had pit stops too, you only should use these when, your took a lot of crashes, and your car is slowing down considerably. The clock does wait for you, however the other cars don't. The free play was good when you were trying to practice the tricky turns on the harder courses. The head to head mode was always great and fun even though racing on the same 3 courses were boring. The difficulty was adjustable, and there weren't any passwords or battery back ups. Overall 7 out of 10 My main fault with this game was the fun factor and replay value. When you first play this and see all these great graphics you will instantly think this is the coolest game around. When you go in for closer inspection however you will realize there are only 3 courses. Since the graphics were done so nicely most regular features found in other racing games were not included. The replay value is very low after a few days with this you will get bored. Maybe if there were at least 5 tracks this wouldn't be so boring and it is definitely not worth the original price tag of a hundred dollars. Unless you're a racing freak, and you must have all racing sims get this. Others can skip over this one.

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