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Virtua Fighter 2

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Reviewed by Jeremy Peeples This review will discuss Virtua Fighter 2 for the Sega Genesis and will be scored compared to other fighting games on the Genesis as well as how it stacks up to its arcade counterpart. This game was released in late 1996 to little fan-fare, it had almost no hype and very few adversitisements (I've only seen 2 and both were on the back cover of a magazine.) Unfortunalely this game was released when the Genesis was an its last legs (most had gotten the 32 or 64-bit systmes and wrote the Genesis off as dead) and 16-bit game sales had stagnated. Thankfully Sega kept releasing games for the system (the last Genesis game was Frogger, which was released in 1997) and almost all of these games were excellent. This game surprised many when it was released; many wondered how the Genesis could pull off VF2. Graphics-7/10-The characters look like their arcde counterparts and the backrounds are perfect, however the movement is choppy and the moves have lost huge amounts of animation(mostly throws, most other moves look fine.) Sound-9/10-Excellent, the voices are clear as are the music and sound effects (with out a doubt the best sound in a Genesis fighting game.) Gmeplay-7/10-The game is in 2-D and the timing does throw off those used to the 3-D arcade game, however it is fine when compared to other Genesis fighting games. Controls-6/10-The controls are a mixed bag, with some moves they're great and unfortunately, with most other moves they are sluggish (this can be attributed to the wierd timing of the moves though.) Rent or Buy?-Buy-It is good game and well worth your money if you can buy it for under $15. Not to metion the fact that few places still rent out Genesis games. Presentation-10/10- Ioved the Saturn and arcade version's presentations, and, this game's presentation is arcade perfect. Overall-7/10- It is a good fighting game, it's not the best Genesis one, but it is good nonetheless. The arcade's best features, namely graphics, sound, and control, have all been ported over well. For Nomad owners-A good game with very litte blurring(mostly in the credits oddly enough, although they do move faster than most of the game.) I decided to bump the score up one after spending quite a bit of time playing it, it's a good game, and is as close to the arcade version as humanly possible for the system.

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