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Virtua Fighter 2

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Virtua Fighter 2 for Genesis was an ok game. I mean it was nothing compared to the arcade version or even the Saturn version but in my opinion it was a pretty good attempt by Sega to bring the Virtua Fighter to your Genesis. Even though a lot of things, major things were lacking from this to make this a complete game. I mean it wasn't in 3D like I hoped it to be, so they really used a cheap job instead of going all out, like they did with Virtua Racing. A lot of backgrounds were missing and some were used over and over. There was no character ending, and the sound was just par, and not nearly as good as standards of the arcade or even other Genesis fighting game standards. My first impression on this was is this Virtua Fighter, if I didn't know any better it looked more like any cheap Street Fighter Clone. I mean 2D graphics, sound wasn't all that good but the controls stayed the same, and the speed did as well. Knocking someone out of the ring was even easier here. Even though this game just made it to the land of solid, and it's a good fighter on its own, but it just doesn't live up to the standards of the typical fighting game especially Virtua Fighter. Visuals 7.5/10 Pretty good, but they could have been better. You can still make out some of the characters like Lau, and Akira but other than that the graphics were subpar. Nothing absolutely anything was in 3D, not the backgrounds or the characters. But they still had that unbelievably high jumps that were very unrealistic I guess if they made the jumps normal it would have thrown off your arcade game plan. The backgrounds were pretty plain and no where near as good as those beautifully done arcade backgrounds with all their brilliant colors and designs. They could have at least had all the backgrounds in the game, but they managed to keep all the good ones though except for the bridge stage that's missing, out of all the good and memorable stages in the arcade version of Virtua Fighter 2. Overall the graphics weren't that bad and barely up to standards of what was out on the market in 16-bit. Audio 8.0/10 The music was slightly and real slightly up to the standards of the arcade. You still had Fight One, Ready?Go! And if you put the sound up loud enough it sounded a lot like the arcades did. Even with this the game really wasn't al that better. But it was a bonus to try and mimic the arcade to home experience. Even though the sound effects still came out ok, I mean it really didn't make up for all the other problems this game had, even though they were as bone shattering as possible and came off clearly. The sound department did fair well considering they were working with a 16-bit system. The music could have been better though, it didn't come off as expected even though maybe a couple of the songs sound just good as good as the arcade songs, well close to it. The game did have voices, and some pretty reasonable sound bites from the arcade's you got Lau's trademark laugh, and Jeffery McWild's trademark 'I Win!!'. The sounds really did help boost the music and make it sound a lot better than it did. Overall though the game could have presented better in both then musical and sound graphical departments together they are both just barely par, and just about average. Game Play 8.5/10 This game is for one or two players. You have only 8 of the characters from Virtua Fighter 2, the original 8 fighters the two new fighters who came in for the 2nd version were cut. Like I mentioned half the backgrounds are gone, all the secrets are gone, and this just seems like a rush game, and they did whatever possible to make the arcade system fit into this. Some of the combos never made it either which in my opinion was a huge mistake. Some of them were kind of mandatory and cool but they were lost in the conversion. The basic moves though did remain the same so your strategy did remain the same as normal. Some of the characters seem to be not as effective, as they were in the arcade and some of Jeffrey's throws weren't as good as they use to be and much harder to pull off now. Most of the regular moves on the other hand remained the same. I'm also sad to report there are absolutely no ending in this game what so ver you get that lame congrats screen, and sometimes you don't even get that. The difficulty was adjustable and there wasn't any save or password feature. Replay Value: Medium The Game Just didn't' have that much replay value and wasn't worth to get back over and over. Fun Factor: High The Fun Factor In the game was pretty high with two player you had undeniable fun that could last for a long time. Good Points ~~~Virtua Fighter on Genesis ~~~Lau's laugh and signature double stomp. ~~~A solid Fighter Bad Points ~~~Graphics not that good ~~~Some Combos Didn't make it ~~~This one basically should of been left in the arcade. Overall 8.0/10 This wasn't a bad game but it wasn't that good either, I was expecting more but it just fell short of what I wanted and expected in Virtua Fighter 2. I was so excited just to play a Virtua fighter 2 on Genesis and I got my hopes dashed by this lack luster version of the game. Compared to a lot of other fighting games it would stand alone as being pretty good but it just doesn't live up to Virtua Fighter. Overall it was decent, but I still felt this game should have had more effort in it.

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