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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Vectorman is a truly outstanding game and was considered "next generation" when it hit the shelves. It had a lot of things to make it a winner, good graphics, good game play, and a nice hero to accompany the story in the game. This game was long anticipated and is a direct rival for the SNES hit games like Donkey Kong Country. My first impression on this game was Wow! This game is just about perfect the colors the graphics the voice everything about it simply swept me off my feet, everything in this game was truly great, even the cool story that went along with it. For the most part this is definitely the game to get back in '96 even though Playstation first came out 16-bit loyalist flocked to this game like there was no tomorrow. Despite the fact that at the time the Genesis was close to its last legs this game salvaged what was left of sales and truly showed next generation graphics could be achieved on Genesis. Story 8.0/10 The story was your basic one and it was a golden one. Its Earth in the future around 2050, all mankind fled to Mars or some other near by planet because Earth was infested with pollution and garbage. So they made an army of robots who jobs were to destroy the garbage and get rid of it. They were happily doing as they were programmed to do, including Vectorman. Vectorman was a sludge truck driver who was bringing a load of garbage to the sun to get rid of. While he was away a robot named warhead fused him to a nuclear missile and got on the airwaves and caused anarchy, he said that they would tear Earth apart and enslave the humans when they returned. Vectorman got back and seen all the hypnotize and reprogrammed robots causing chaos armed wit his sludge boosting gun he was going to put a stop to the robot ternary. Even the story may be a little cheesy I still liked it and it fit well with the game and made it complete like. Graphics 10/10 These graphics are out of this world perfect to yesterday's standards. At the time not too many 16-bit games were rivaling this one, except for DK2 Lion King and Toy Story, they were the only games even close to this. Vectorman looked like a character from the hit fighting games Ballz, but he was done differently. Like most modern video games he wasn't a sprite he was composed of 26 balls that were all sprites on their own, and it made it seem like he moved fluently and differently than most characters did. Well he basically looked like a ball stick figure, but he was still done with an incredible amount of talent and time spent on his sprite alone. The enemy characters were regular sprites but had sort of a rendered effect to them. The backgrounds showed all the decaying landscape you would expect with a game like this one. Many colors were in the backgrounds though I especially like some of the cavern stages and the snow stages. The boss design was great as well, like the other character made of Ballz how he would morph into different things really showed off the power. I also like how they got creative and had Vectorman morph into different objects and things as well. Overall the graphics on this game were top notch and some of the best I seen on Genesis. Sound 7.0/10 This was the only department that was lagging behind the others, the music did come off loud and clearly and had a lot of beats to it but certain things were missing. Mainly I didn't care for the jumpy techno music I would of much rather have darker music or more heroic music the kind that you hear in common Side Scrolling games. I think that was the problem most people had with the game they didn't care for the musical selection on this game. The music in my opinion didn't fit with the theme of the game I know it's suppose to be in the future in all but this is just not that good. The game could have been done a lot better than this and the programmers or whoever did the music could of put more thought into what they were doing. The sound effects made up for it by the way because they were all sounding like phasers and a lot of shooting going on, and tiny little screams from the other robots always kept you going. Then Vectorman had a voice he said some things from time to time like "Good Daddy Go" " Got him" "Toasted" and some others. The sound effects and Vectorman's voice surely make up for the subpar music in this game. Game Play 10/10 This game is for one player only. This was another huge flaw that just could not be looked over by any means. I mean one player only isn't bad but this would have been ten times more enjoyable if Vectorman had a spunky sidekick along side of him. Through most of the game you were armed with your phaser this got your pretty far if you utilized it correctly. You also got upgrades for it, which could be used for a limit time like most shootum up games. Vectorman could turn into things like I mentioned above, like a car, a rocket a bomb and some more. These things were used to get you through parts of the game that you couldn't make it through without them. They also added a little fun and variety to it. They were many stages where Vectorman would be a different form throughout, there were 3 of these I think. The coolest one is where he turns in to frogger and must make it to the end of the stage. There is also the one where he is a train, which has beautiful graphics, and the one where he's a dancing machine, all this and more added to the game. There were about 18 stages to get through some of them went like a breeze others were difficult and had you throwing the controller down on many occasions. The difficulty adjusted and there was no save or password feature. Fun Factor: High During the initial play through this game was a blast and one of the most fun games I ever played. All the fun and excitement make this game a blast to get through, this reminds me of those old NES games that gave you that ahhhh feeling once you beat it. Bottom line this is a very fun game. Replay Value: Low The replay value on this game was very low; it could have been better than this. It just wasn't fun going through a third play through and not worth the trouble of doing one. There wasn't any secrets or any other things to make the game more enjoyable. Good Points ~~~ Great Graphics ~~~ Good Hero could have been a mascot. ~~~ Vectorman turning into things makes the game worth while. Bad Points ~~~ The Techno music didn't work for me. ~~~ The story line could of been better and more involved with the actual game. Overall 9.0/10 Very fun at first, and it gets better as you go along. The graphics were out of this question. Story lines good but could have been better. The music stinks but the sounds make up for it. Could of used a 2-player mode but doesn't have one that effected the game in my opinion. This was a good idea but it seem to have fell short to what I expected and was hoping for. Lots of cool things Vectorman get and uses make up for bad points. A great game it is worth a try.

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