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Toy Story

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Reviewed by Jeremy Peeples Toy Story was released in the winter of 95 (Nov.-Dec. to be more precise) for the Sega Genesis. The main objectives in the game follow the movie, but some levels stray from the formula, like the Nightmare Buzz level for example. Graphics-10/10- Truly a sight to behold, they look great even today, and are not hindered at all by the Genesis? small color pallette (64 colors), the graphics are simply stunning, they are Generated and have a nice, glossy look to them, the characters are large and animate fluidly, the backrounds are just as good, they are very vibrant, graphically, everything is true to the movie. Simply amazing. Sound-10/10- The sound is another of the game's strong points, the music is great, it sounds like the music in the movie, only of lower quality and lacking vocals. The speech used in the game is great, there are quite a few voice samples from the movie in the game and they sound great, they're a little garbled, but not much. Story-8/10- For the most part It's just like the movie, there are some minor changes to it, but it remains virtually identical. along the way you meet Buzz Lightyear. It's a good thing if you liked the movie, a bad thing if you didn't. I won't spoil the plot for those who haven't seen the movie. Gameplay-9/10- You go from level to level completing objectives, It's pretty much your standard side-scroller with the objectives thrown in. Along the way you encounter numerous types of games, a racing game, an RC game, a first person shooter (in persprective only, there's no violence invlolved.) Control-7/10- The control is, for the most part, great, but platform jumping is a pain to pull off properly, thankfully, It's the only major control flaw. Presentation-10/10- Just like the movie, the cinemas in-between levels are excellent, and the movie pics are perfect. Overall-9/10- The game is excellent, the graphics are second-to-none, and the sound is great, the controls are, for the most part great, and the presentation is amazing. Buy or Rent?-Buy- It's a great game at almost any price and is rather easy to find, don't worry about the price, it shouldn't cost more than $10. For Nomad Owners- The game is great, there is minimal blurring in the faster levels, mainly the races, the sound is crystal clear, and the controls are still good. Overall a good game for Nomad owners.

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