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Toe Jam & Earl

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Toe Jam & Earl was one of the best games for Genesis, it is fast fun, and a lot of different things these two funky aliens can get into. Many people consider this one of the best and most addictive games in the magical Genesis year of 1991. This game was just so much fun it boggles the mind, even to this day you can pick this game up and play it over and over it never gets tiresome. These two aliens, were just so cool, and that actually seem pretty dated looking now, but back then they were mega fly. When I first heard of this game I really didn't like the premise two funky aliens crashing into Earth but when I got it home I felt I couldn't go wrong with this one. It has everything you could want ion a game all my dreams of the perfect game at the time were found here. Randomizing levels, two cool characters, hitting people with tomatoes its all here and its all fun to do. This was one of the all time classics for Genesis and I advise anyone in their right mind to give it a shot. Story 10/10 Ok, Toe Jam gets his Rocket ship, so he picks up his big rapping friend Earl. They go cruising for chicks or whatever teenage space aliens do. So they are cruising past planets, and everyone is hearing their raps. So Big rapping Earl starts rapping, and he grabs the whip to the space ship. So he is keeping it under control until he starts feeling the beat and he doesn't see an asteroid coming, and he crashes into it. Toe Jam gets the whip back, but it was too late he couldn't save the rocket ship either, and they luckily crash on to a blue planet below. They realized after a while it was the forbidden planet, a planet that had no prior knowledge of Funk. So they set out on a journey to find their missing rocket ship pieces which were scattered all over the planet. I have to say that this story is ultra original, and It's a cool idea. Not too many games could pull off a story as wacky as this one *Thinks of Shaq Fu* but I'm glad to report that this story worked quite well with the funky atmosphere of the game. Graphics 6.0/10 The graphics weren't real bad but they could have been better than this. Most of the popular titles from 1991 had better graphics than this one. I'm not saying you couldn't make out Toe Jam & Earl you could tell them apart and they both were detailed. They were just on the small side, I would have liked them to been a bit larger than they were. The detail of them even though they were small was high. Both Toe Jam and Earl were highly detailed you even noticed small things like when toe Jam stood around for too long he would adjust his baseball cap or Earl's shorts might drop. The backgrounds were basically the same throughout the game actually; there were maybe 3 different variants. But for the most part you played with a black sky in the background, and some stars then they had stages that were oceans in things in them. The enemies you faced like the ice cream man, the devil and the bogey man looked like what they were suppose to be and had a lot of details in them. The graphics were pretty much average for the time of this game coming out. Sound 10/10 The music in this game besides all the fun was probably the best feature. This music was just wonderful with a lot of good beats mixed in and it well absolutely perfect with the theme of the game. The opening theme of anyone who played this had to remember it was so humble and a perfectly went along with this game. Some of the other songs that randomly played on each stage were done greatly as well. The sound effects in the game ranged from normal to strange. They were kind of wacky at times and they also went along good with the music of this game. I would say the music in this game was partly funk sounding and sort of hip hop because which went perfectly. The sound effects in the game went perfectly with the music to make an overall excellent music department. One could not ask for better music in this game and actually added to the graphics in the game seem better and complemented them perfectly in my opinion. The sound was the most critically acclaimed part of this game and not to be taken for granted. Game Play 10/10 This game was for 1 or 2 players. The view was a 3/4 over head perspective, you had to find presents that helped you find pieces of the rocket ship. You can be either funky alien, Toe Jam a red 3-legged alien who wears a big gold chain. He is faster than Earl, and is considered the mart one. Earl is a Big Yellow Alien who wears pokodotted shorts. He has more energy than Earl does, and he is considered the cool one. When you pick one you can play in a fixed world, where everything is the same all the time or a random world something new all the time. You also have a mode where you can "Jam" to the music, by pressing the D-Pad and the other buttons Toe Jam and Earl's bodies will make a different beat, you can also do wacky sounds as well, which are heard throughout the game. This mode is more fun that you're usual Sound Test. There are plenty of things to try in this game like food, some are good like pancakes and pizza, they give you life others are bad like fungus and old cabbage. There are presents, which are power ups, some contain good things like Super High Tops which let you run, Icarus Wings which let you fly, and rocket Shoes which make you move really fast. Some are bad like a schoolbook, which put you to sleep, and Totally Bogus which kills you. You have a map screen, which you can see if you opened the tiles, where the piece of the rocket ship is at, or an elevator. On each level there will be a hint if a piece of the rocket ship is there or not. There are also some good Earthlings, like Holy Man who give you a full life a bar, for a buck. A Carrot Man who will identify any present that you are afraid to open for 2 bucks and for 3 bucks an opera singer will kill everybody on the screen. The difficulty is intermediate, and there aren't any saves or passwords. Overall 10/10 This is a very fun game, with all the presents to open, Toe Jam and Earl occasionally talk to each other, like in the elevator, the funky music and the funky heroes. This game was sure hit because it was daring and different, this is easily one of the funniest games you can play for Genesis. The Replay value is very high because of the Random world you will never encounter the same world twice, so it's a different game every time. This game is undeniably fun with two players, you can play this for days and beat it countless times and still wants to play it some more. I think the random feature of this game was ideal because it made the game timeless, and you couldn't really say you played the same game twice because it was always laid out differently making the game fresher and new. If your tired of the new games with their fancy graphics and CD sound pick this one up, you will not be disappointed.

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