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Toe Jam & Earl 2: Panic on Funkotron

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Toe Jam & Earl 2 was an excellent game, and one of the best games that ever came out for Genesis it possessed all the fun of the original and more. The story was just as quirky, the graphics were leaps and bounds over the original everything was perfect about this game, this game was just too much fun. The premise was great and the sequel was long over due, it was fresher than the original and made it better than that. This game was more fun that many would have imagined, and it was highly acclaimed. My first thought of this was wow, this game is excellent and one of the best games I ever played. It was fun and exciting, and the game actually had some sort of plot twist and it was more fun than you would think. This game was beyond most expectations and better than I would of thought it to be. I highly advise this game for anyone looking for a solid classic for their Genesis. Story 10/10 The story continued right after the original. Toe Jam & Earl successfully put their rocket ship back together, and made it back to Funkatron, they were considered heroes because no one made it back from Earth. After all the excitement died down there was a problem. Apparently Earthlings clanged on to the side of their rocket ship on their way out of Earth. They're running around and causing problems for all the funky inhabitants of Funkatron. Snapping pictures throwing tomatoes, and scaring people. Since Toe Jam & Earl brought them to Funkatron its their job to get rid of them and bring them back to Earth, not an easy task by two teenagers. The story was fresh and just like the original like I never heard. The game changes slightly and you get new task and the story actually resembles an rpg type because things happen to the characters over the course of the game. Graphics 10/10 These graphics were fabulous these were some of the best graphics I ever seen on Genesis. Toe Jam & Earl were huge and very detailed. They both looked like they did in the previous version. But they were much larger and much more detailed like the way they did they really went to town on the graphics on this one which was the only bad feature of the original. The backgrounds resembled the funky atmosphere expected with Funkatron, like the orange trees and Blue Mountains. Even though not realistic who can say they know what Funkatron looked like? The humans looked pretty realistic as well, and were stereotypical like the original. The funky little houses looked cool as well. For the most part everything in this game graphical was excellent and you could not ask for better when this game first came out. These graphics surprised us all and were not even the substance of this game. The graphics did however support the game, and made the colorful characters come to life. Sound 10/10 Like always the music on this game was great and some of the best music I heard on genesis. Not just the music was good I'm talking about the way it sounded the way it came out of the Playstation this was all excellent and all had a great rhythm to it. I was very happy when I heard the original theme from Toe Jam & Earl came back and sounded just as good as it was ever. Some of the newer tunes were just as memorable as the original game, Some of this newer music replaces some of the not so good stuff of the original. The sound effects from the original well the wackier ones were replaced with better ones that fit more in tune with what was going in this. I think everyone had any experience playing this game remembers the music well it was probably one of the highlights of the game and only adds to the already excellent graphics on this game. This music is truly excellent and couldn't of ask for better when this came out. Game Play 10/10 This game was for one or two players. You had Toejam & Earl to chose from no real new characters except if you count the supporting cast of characters. The object of each stage was to "bottle" all the aliens and get them back to the rocket ships, to take them back to Earth. You bottled them by using your bottles and you actually threw them at them if you hit them with enough bottles usually four did it, they would get inside the bottle you picked them up and put them in your sack. At the end of each stage would be a funky orange dude who would propel you to the next stage if you got all the earthlings, if you didn't this dude would tell you how many you don't have and you would have to go back and get the rest. This got annoying at times though. There was a arrow at the bottom of the screen that would point you to the next earthling who was near by. You had items that would also help you find Earthlings. The funks move, which could take you through walls or use the funk scan. The funk scan was used to find non-funky things in the atmosphere, like a hiding human or a trap. You had the panic button, which caused you to run around the screen widely throwing bottles in every direction. The last one and coolest was the funk vacuum this would take anything non-funky off of the screen. If you loved inter tubes, rosebushes Icarus Wings super HiTops and all the other wacky presents from the original I'm sad to report than none of this stuff made it to this version. You still get presence but they don't contain these things usually coins or some other things like that. You had a special stage called the funk dimension this was a high speed place where you could collect presents from points or items, it was hard getting through here but fun for a little side event. You also used coins these coins were used either when a friend of yours had a boom box, or for the jumping contest. The Boom Box was used so you could jam, a beat would play and you had to dance to it, well imitate it this was sort of a mind game, and you had to do the beat exactly for high points. The jumping contest was used to jump on fungus, the cooler the flip and if you nail a landing you get big points. The game difficulty was adjustable. You had two modes a short game or a long one; there was a password feature for both types. Overall 10/10 This is an absolutely fabulous game and its fun for all ages. The fun factor of this game was through the roof even if this was your first play through or even after you beat it this game was fun to get through. The replay value on the other hand was kind of low, I mean the game could have been better, Not that it was bad but the original was truly never the same twice and always a fun adventure no matter how many times you played through the game remained fun. This on the other hand just has two types of games long and short and which is fun but gets boring after a while. This is still and excellent game to pick up and I recommend it to everyone looking for a bonified hit to play.

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