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Tiny Toon Adventures: ACME All-Stars

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Reviewed by Dale Kulas The game: All the characters from the Tiny Toons cartoon show are here, playing a wide variety of sports, from soccer to bowling. Graphics: 7: Pretty good, all the characters look great, just like off the cartoon show, and all the arenas look good too, but there tends to be flickering during gameplay. Sound: 7: You got the Tiny Toons theme song in here, and it sounds great, plus there's a whole bunch of great sound effects in here too. Gameplay: 8: Just as Lakitu is the ref for most Mario multiplayer games such as Mario Kart and Mario's Tennis you got the most non-athletic Tiny Toon character, Go-Go, to be your ref for your events. Most of Tiny-Toons most popular characters are here for your picking such as Montana Max, Dizzy, Furball, Babs, Buster, and whole bunch more. There's a weird type of one-player quest mode where you compete against the "evil" toon characters in a several sporting events. For sports you can play there's Basketball, Track, Soccer, and Bowling. In Soccer and Basketball mode the Toons have there own special move to perform which can temporarily daze other toons, such as Dizzy swirling through as a twister, or Montana Max dropping anvils. Each of the events are really fun to play and basketball mode will bring back memories of NBA Jam. Replay Value: 7: The game is loads of fun to play with a friend, and the variety of sporting events will keep you at this game for a while, but some events like Track and Bowling, will get tiresome after a while, and the Quest mode isn't the greatest either. Overall: 7: If you're a fan of the Tiny Toons show you'll probably might want to check this out, and if you like wacky sports games, you'll might wanna give it a look as well, this title is extremely underrated, but it's worthy of a look.

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