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Tecmo Super Bowl

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Tecmo Super Bowl may have been lacking in the graphical department, as well as the sound, but this game is good clean fun. It may have not had all the plays either but the easy control easy touchdowns made up for all of that. Graphics The graphics suck, NES Tecmo Bowl looked a lot better than this. The men are very small and these graphics are just about on level with the previous system's version. The old Cinema a Tecmo trademark is here, you do get to see some great catches and sacks, these are done nicely. There are no logos in the end zone you will be lucky to get colors. Sound The music was forgettable, there was a little tune that played in the beginning which I barely remember. The Quarterback did call the catens before each player which was barely recognizable what he was trying to say you did hear hut! Which was some thing. There was no sound's of hits or tackles. Game Play This game is for 1 or 2 players, it is football game so you know the drill. Plays are limited, but you do have a play book where you can put other plays in and substitute the plays you don't want. There are some trick plays like the flee flicker and HB passes these are fun and you can leave the COM helpless, they never catch on to this for some reason but they still could score just as easily as you could. There were stats in this game as well like league leaders, player stats and others. There was even a pro bowl, you could pick any NFL player to be on your pro bowl team, it is wise to go what the game already has these are usually the best guys in the game. In the season mode you have a choice between, regular season playoffs or 3 year mode. In the 3-year mode you can play the '91, 92 and '93 seasons and all the season are based on the actual team schedule. The difficulty is adjustable. And the game has a battery back up feature. Overall 7 out of 10 This is a good game, even though the graphics and sound were poor. I think it was good because it was good old fashion football, not with all the complicated rules, and options. You weren't loaded with plays that you would barely use either, just the bare necessities. The replay value is high because any pro at this game will try to win all 3 seasons, which is a great challenge and this game is much fun with 2 players. Tecmo series fans will like this one as well.

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