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Tecmo Super Baseball

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Reviewed by Inkhands I worked for about two years at one of brother's video game stores. One day he was clearing some of his Genesis games off the shelf. He told me I could go through them, pick the ones I wanted, and he would take the rest of them to his other store and try to rent them out there. So, I took all the games home, I played through all of them, and I decided to just keep all of them instead. I never gave any of them back to my brother. One of those games was Tecmo Super Baseball, and it's one of the better baseball games I have come across. It is lacking in the options area, but it does have some interesting features and really good control. This game has the typical settings. It has a preseason mode, an all star game mode, and the regular season mode. In this regular season mode you can choose a short, reduced, or a full season. You decide which teams out of the 28 professional teams you want to play through the season as. You can choose more than one team and you can change how you control these teams at any time during the season. If you want to be Atlanta, but then change your mind a few games later, you could start a new season, or you could just change the control setting. In game options allow you to check the scoreboard, substitute players, call plays on offense and defense. On offense you can choose to steal, hit and run, or double and steal. The defensive options allow you to change the infield and outfield settings. You can change the depth of each and the shift. For example, you can have the outfield play normal, left, or right. You can have them guard the lines, play deep, shallow, or normal. The infield options also include the normal, deep, and shallow options. However, it also allows you to adjust your infielders for a double play or to charge for a bunt. You can check the scoreboard at any time during the game. It not only shows you the total runs per inning and total hits per game, but it shows a somewhat more specific breakdown for each team. You can check how many doubles, triples, home runs, RBI's, and stolen bases in the game. You can also check each team's overall batting average. This scoreboard also appears in between the innings and at that time you can see who the next three batters will be. While you are batting you have the choice of a normal swing, a bunt, a contact swing for just a minor hit, or a power swing to go for the home run. You choose which one by hitting the corresponding button on the directional pad. You can move your batter around in the batter's box and wait for the pitch. While pitching you can choose between up to four types of pitches. You have the standard fastball, curveball, and a change up. However, each pitcher has his own specialty. It can vary between either a different type of pitch entirely, such as a slider, or it could be one of the pitches already listed. Such as the fastball might be a pitcher's specialty, so it will be in the list of pitches twice. One of the more interesting options in this game is the ability to change the perspective. You can play with the view being from behind the catcher at home plate, or from behind the pitcher on the mound. This adds just a little variety to a fairly standard baseball game. At various points you can check the team data. All the teams are real major league teams and the rosters match the real life rosters of those teams at the time this game was made. To go along with the 1994 season stats, you also will find statistics are being kept on your current season. You can see the total amount of hits, doubles, triple home runs, batting average, slugging percantage, and on base percentage just to name a few. You have pitching stats that let you see the pitcher's ERA, innings pitched, strikeouts, walks, and a few other options. To along with these options you have an ability status for each players. Such as stamina and velocity for the pitcher; power, clutch, steal, and hit for the batters. You can check the team leaders in both batting and pitching. You can also check the league leaders and the overall leaders out of both leauges. This game really covers a lot of area in terms of the stats of your players. There is even a pointless birthdate listing for each player. The control in this game is excellent and probably one of the best setups I've ever found in a baseball game. The ability to check the type of pitch and swing gives you a much more accurate turn each time, but it still allows you enough freedom to be able to do whatever you want. You can move your pitcher around on the mound to better the throw. You can move the batter around to get a better angle on your swing. Also, if you happen to favor batting or pitching from either behind the catcher or behind the pitcher, you have the choice of either one. Fielding is never a problem. The view switches to an overhead close up, but not too close up to where you don't actually know where the ball is going. There is an indicator around the player that is closest to the ball and the one you are in control of, so you know where to move better. There is also an X located on the field indicating where the ball is going to land. Throwing the ball is never a problem either. One thing you have to remember is to tag up on a fly out. Some baseball games automatically send your players back, or keep them at the base, in case of a pop up ball. However, this game runs your players and you have to remember to send them back. I don't think of this as a flaw, but instead more control over the game. The challenge in this game isn't high at all. Home runs are quite frequent and the players are not exactly intelligent. They will run toward second base and you can throw the ball there from right field. The player will not go back, though they have plenty of time to be aware that the ball is in the glove of the man on second base. Instead they will slide in for an easy out. This game is also very fast paced and it usually takes only 20 minutes to play through an entire 9 inning set. This game is one of the least challenging baseball games I have played. There really isn't a lot of music in this game. Just a little before the game and between innings. It is a little mellow and not bad when comparing it to other baseball games. You also get some music and effects after a home run, but very little. The sound effects are quite typical of a baseball game. There are two very different voices calling the game. There is a deep voice telling you "out" or "sit down" after a strikeout. There is a high pitched man's voice saying the word "safe" or "you stink" after striking out. Other than that, there aren't really many words spoken in this game. It is rather weak in the sound department. The graphics are also quite average. The players have realistic body shapes, but the all look exactly alike. They also have no faces. The stadiums and fields all look exactly alike. It's actually very small, which is one of the main reasons home runs are quite frequent. The outfield is a grainy color of green. The stands and people are all very small. Overall, nothing really good or really bad about the graphics in this game. This game is somewhat addictive, but not the best baseball game I have ever played. It's certainly not overly fun, but it's not boring either. It moves very quickly and that's quite helpful. The control is also very good and that makes me want to play it quite often. It does have weak graphics and sound. Also, the challenge is a little too low sometimes. It also could have used just a few more options and modes of play, but overall it's still a pretty good baseball game. Graphics - 5/10 Sound - 5/10 Control - 8/10 Challenge - 6/10 Fun Factor - 6/10 Game Play - 8/10 Replay Value - 7/10 Overall - 8/10

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