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Taz: Escape From Mars

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li Taz: Escape from Mars is sure to be a a really fun, game and you'll need a bit of thinking and good skills here to make you a successful player. Graphics - 9 These graphics are nice, colourful with neatly done characters' animations. Also, the backgrounds are neatly done with detailed graphics too. Since it's cartoon, expect 'cartoonic' graphics. Musics - 8 You'll hear odd musics that will sometimes give you the chill. Actually, I don't really notice much of the musics but all of them are just 'normal' with no specialities in it! Story - 9 Weird and original, Tazmanian had been kidnapped by Marvin the Martians in Mars. So, he'll have to battle in strange levels to free himselves. Gameplay - 9 This game is really great as Taz has all sorts of moves and new things to do. As usual, he'll spin up into tornado and destroy everything in his way (well, not all) and of course, collect eatable items to make him different, like a small version and bigger version of himself. Some stages, you'll need to battle up with Looney Toons characters like Road Runner, Yosemite Sam and many more! There are many levels to play in, some you'll have to use your brain to complete them while some you'll need to have good skills or use both. Replayability - 1 There are absolutely nothing to do once you complete the game, you may as well keep it or maybe you'll play it once you've leave it alone for so long. Well, depends on individual opinions! Overall - 8 Quite a fun game with challenging levels and bosses but too bad it does not have a single thing for you come back for more, except play it all over again.

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