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Super Street Fighter 2

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Reviewed by Shinnokxz Super Street Fighter 2 was released and published on the Sega Genesis in 1995. It was a nice follow up from the original Street Fighter 2, which debuted in 1994. It's variety of game modes keeps this Two player game well alive for hours. The Games Good points: This game has a variety of options and game modes to please anybody who loves Two player modes. This game shows off the Sega Genesis great 16 bit graphics engine with one of the mode realistic 2-D fighter I have ever seen on a 16-bit platform. The backgrounds look very nice, and the characters have a variety of moves and animations. The opening cinema with Ryu looks just beautiful. The variety of characters also keeps the game replayibility high. You have your returning Favorites, Ryu and Ken and Chun-li. While you have an assortment of new characters to find out about. The challenge in this game is also very high, plus is doesn't have any of those cheap fighting systems to rip you off. The between round mini-games are also fun at times also, you are given a huge object to shatter to pieces. By doing this you can do a mixture of combo's and other sort of moves. All and all this game has a lot of good points to show off. The Games Bad Points: This game suffers with sluggish gameplay and bad controls. Very rarely you will find yourself being a little bit frushtrated at the games sluggish pace. The controls are also not up to whip. It is somewhat hard to pull off combos using the Sega Genesis' game controler. The games replayibility is good, but only when you have friends over to battle with. One of the other weak points is that this game focus's around Two Player battling. Most of the game modes are pretty much for only Two players. The only two that are for a single player game is "Arcade Battle," And "Challenge Mode". These, the only two game modes that only need One Player, are sort of challenging but can be pretty boring and over-used at times. While all of your friends are gone, you are pretty bored with the One Player battles. Game Modes... Arcade Mode: Arcade mode it filled with all 16 charcters and battle grounds. Whice all these characters and battlegorunds are pretty much really cool to fight with/in, it still gets boring after the 9 matches or so...Once you get to the end, and fight M. Bison, it is pretty cool though. But this mode could have had more. Versus Mode: This mode is packed with replayibility. You and your friends will have a blast of fun using this normal "Versus Mode". You can just grab a Cheat book, learn a BUNCH of moves and combos, and you can take turns trying out moves and combos and kicking the crap out of each other. This mode will keep you pretty interested for a long while. But this isn't the only great mode in this game.... Group Mode: In this mode, you can choose up to 9 characters for both you and you friend, and just beat each other senseless with round after round of non-stop gameplay. Although this mode isn't as good as and of the other Two Player games, it still is pretty fun and can keep the action up pretty good. Tournament Match: This mode is like any other tournament mode. Again, you have to use Two players, and you have a choice of either four to eight characters for your friends and you. Everytime you play a match, you eliminate someone, and go to the a higher bracket. Easy to get used to, and pretty fun to do. Challenge Mode: This is an all around fun game mode. This time you can do only one player with it. When you select this mode at the mode select will be given another decision, If you would like to challenge yourself using time, or points. Time, is where you try to beat the opponent as fast as you can, and try to get on the high scores list. Points, is pretty much how much consecutive battles you can win. And you gather 37 points for each opponent you defeat. Pretty cool. But this mode can get boring after you master it. Graphics: 9/10 These graphics are unbelievably incredible. I was surprised the Sega Genesis can handle so many animations and so much colors at the same time. When you first start out and the opening cinema with Ryu comes on you will be surprised this isn't a Early 2-D Saturn game. Then, when you get to the character select screen, you will see an assortment of colors and maps on your selected character. Each character looks very impressive and also have an ammount of combos and moves to them. The backgrounds are beautiful also. The characters bright colors mix very well with the backgrounds, giving it a look of an Early Saturn 2-D fighter. There are a mixture of animations in the background also. There can be Village Folk, or just plan Civilians wacthing you fight. And also there are things in the background that inter-act with your fighting, like Barrels, Golden statues, and big brown crates. The character sketches an end prologues are also very nice looking. Both there "Healthy" and "Beat'en'Up" Pictures look cool. Sound/Music: 6/10 Sound: 3/10 The sound effects in this game are pretty much bad, the announcer especialy. You can barely understand his muffled speech, and his low-tones Dialogue. The character voices are also not that good. You can barely understand Ryu's "AWWWHOGIK!"... Or thats just what it sounds like. The other jabs, kicks, and grunts are also very muffled, and sort of help the games sluggish gameplay. Music: 6/10 The music, thankfully, is a lot better then the sound effects. Every individual fighting ground has there own little Tune. That means there are 16 MIDI's. Which isn't to shabby for the old Sega Genesis...Each song fits in with the current surrounding, like you will hear gongs in Japan, and Faded Music in the U.S. When your also ready to beat your opponent, the music goes up in pace to make the suspence better, and it slows down when you beat your opponent at the slow-motion fatal punch. Gameplay/Controls: 8/10 Controls: 6/10 The controls are pretty much dull. They play a good part in the sluggish gameplay and the game speed. Why? Well it happens when you do a huge combo (if you can) and the game has some slowdown, after that, the controls go out and you just get plain frushtrated. The button layouts are pretty easy though. You start out with the punch buttons/moves, A, B, and C. Then when you hit start, it'll go to the kick buttons/moves. Pretty simple, but a pain when you are trying to do heavy combos, that's I would reccomed using a 6-Button game page for this game. But the slowdown and frushtration of the controls play a pretty good role in the bad points of the game. Gameplay: 9/10 M. Bison and his fiends are going to take over the streets and the world. And it's up to you and your good guys, Ryu, Ken, Guile, Chun-Li, and various other fighters to stop him. Well that was the story in the original Street Fighter 2. This one has the same story and game, except for more backgrounds, characters, and modes. Like I said before this game is not One Player friendly, there are only 2 modes out of the 6 that revolve around the One Player game. Those modes get boring after a while too. But I just love Street Fighter for it's To Player Game modes and Options. This game especialy. Lets say you start out with the Arcade mode (which is one of the One Player modes). You pick your character, and then you fly to a continent/country to battle your first opponent. The controls are easy to understand at first, but the moves and combos are just plain hard to find out with only yourself. So you learn the simple combos Like "Punch, Kick, Throw" And after that you start to gather your bearings and start discovering moves. When I got this game I knew a whole lot of moves, but now, I can barely beat my friends, because I forgot all of them. Then, you finaly get to the ending boss... M. Bison. This isn't an easy battle, you'll have to know hard hitting combos for this, and fast-gathering moves (like Ryu's Fireball) once you beat him, an ending will happen (sort of like the end one in Mortal Kombat 2, you know, with Shoa Khan blowing up into smither-eens) And you get to view your characters ending, and why they even bothered entering the tournament. Well you have 1 chacacter down... 15 more to go. Final Word... This is just a normal Street Fighter game. Fun, and made mostly for the Two Player modes. I saw this at Funcoland for Five dollars. If you love the Street Fighter Series, plus love Capcom, get this game. Overall: 8 / 10

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