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Super Street Fighter II

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Super Street Fighter II was the second and last Street Fighter for 16-bit consoles. SSFII was much like the other remakes of the Street Fighter II but this one had new characters and some more moves thrown in. The ending seems the same as they were from the regular Street Fighter II. So this truly wasn't' the sequel many were hoping for at the time. The only real difference in this remake was more modes and more characters. That's enough to sell me a new game in my opinion, this game was very different from its predecessor but its overall look and feel remained the same and untouched. Like for instance the ground rules stay and some more moves have been added, some of the newer modes are much like the modes from Champion Edition, but these are a bit more spiffy and friendly to use. This game seems to be designed with the party type of game in mine with tournaments and group battles being the focus of the newer modes. Under first impression this game really didn't amaze me because it played and felt a lot like Champion Edition, the move lay outs were the same, but some things changed slightly though, but it didn't throw off your usual patterns. The characters got smaller in this one instead this is the smallest they ever been on 16 bit, but they were a bit more detail and vivid. There was many factors added to this 40 Meg game that many didn't see. Graphics 9.5/10 The graphics were pretty good but really no comparison to the over powered and beautiful Arcade graphics. The new characters had a distinctive flair to them and the way they moved some graphical things have been taken out of your old favorite through. For instance Vega didn't climb the cage any more which I think was a bummer, they did it either to preserve space or that you could see the move coming and you could easily set up for a counter attack. The difference between the 2 main characters Ken & Ryu is at a bigger margin than the last one. For instance Ken has a arching fire Shoryuken, which is pretty close to the arcade one and Ryu has a huge red or blue Hadoken close to the arcades as well. Also of notice are some of the other popular characters like Chun Li and some others have different winning animations than before and some of their animations are missing. The cut scenes after the battles look different but better than the previous adaptation. For the main part though the graphics on this game were excellent but didn't live up to quite as much hype as was expected. Sound 10/10 This game was a definite treat for the ears. Most of the songs were unaltered but enhanced. What I mean is before they were pretty good and close to what were expected but now their great and am way better than before. Like for instance Ken's music is way better and has a clearer sound and more definition to it than before. Some of the other music and the newer music have a way better sound and they all come across clearer and louder. The sound effects were top notch, like the punching and kicking sound all were great and loud and just about as bone shattering as the arcade did, if you put the sound on the TV up high enough no one can tell difference. The sounds were truly excellent for being on the Genesis, I'm talking the whole music department. Many didn't take the time to appreciate this when this came out. The overall sound in this game went fluently with the graphics to make this game near perfect in the year 1994. Game Play 10/10 This game was for 1 or 2 players. But that doesn't mean it didn't have a lot of cool multi player like modes, Such as the group battles in tournaments. They were the usual modes like versus where you and a friend went head to head and fought it out. Then there was Super mode where you went through all competitors to get the ending. Also you had the returning elimination group battle. This is where you and a group of friends played strait until one person was the supreme champion. Then you also have another type called Point Battle. This is much like Match Play but, the person with the most points wins. The newer modes like Tournament are a lot of fun, this is where you have an 8 man double elimination tournament. This mode is very fun especially with friends playing. You also have a Challenge mode where you try to get the most points on a controlled opponent or beat them real fast, to break the records. Plus there are some newer moves added to the game to make it a lot more enjoyable. Some of these new moves and some brought over arcade combos are excellent and important to the way to the game plays. The main factor of this game was the Super Mode, which never gets tiresome and it's a lot of fun to beat with all these cool characters. The difficulty is adjustable but much like the Champion Edition you have to beat it on a certain amount of stars to get a true ending. There wasn't any save or password feature. Overall 10/10 This was a truly excellent game and one of the best games you could get when it first came out. This is up there with as one of my all time Genesis favorites, and its rightfully so. The replay value is that on this is very high its fun going through the entire game with every character to see their endings. I think having the 4 new warriors T. Hawk Dee Jay Cammy and Fei Long were an excellent addition and added new variety to the game as a whole. This also added to the fun factor of the game and made it a bit more challenging, this game was definite fun and could be played for hours with a friend. Not too many at all games were comparing to this at the time in my opinion this was the last good Street Fighter to ever come out. If your looking for a wonderful game for your old Genesis you can go wrong with Super Street Fighter II.

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