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Super Hang-On

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Super Hang On was a very fun game, it tried to be like Road Rash just with out the illegal races and cops, I think it went pass what Road Rash was. The graphics the nice early 90's racing music and the sheer fun added up to an above average game. Visuals 9.0/10 The graphics were great and it was just about the best motor cycle game graphics I seen on Genesis. The back ground could of used some work everything seemed a little bit plain, and colorless. The size of the men was pretty good as well, when they fell off their bikes it seemed pretty realistic. The Genesis tried to use a bit of old fashion scrolling by should a lot of frames of the same signs and bikes that is pretty old now but they couldn't anything better back then. Audio 8.0/10 Some old fashion racing music accompanied on each track, which reminded me of Rad Racer 1 and 2. I especially liked the music that played in the desert it just sounded like the perfect racing music and it moved you along as you played. The sound FX could of used some work the crashes and falls didn't sound too realistic. Neither did engine revving during the beginning, it just sounded like a game and not like you was at a real motor cross. Game Play 8.0/10 This game was for 1 or 2 players, I think I don't remember playing with 2 players. You had the regular race mode and that was it. You gained money to get upgrades for your bike. Not a new bike, just upgrades that made it quicker but when you upgraded so did the enemy bikes. Unlike Road Rash, when you fall off your bike you automatically run back to it, so when your bike explodes you can't run away on feet. When you upgrade your bike the coolest upgrade you can get is turbo engine, it ups your total speed by a whopping 50 mph. Every 5 or so races you get a new manager. The manager's get bigger and better, and in turn gives you more money. You will need this money for better equipment for you bike, because after a while you parts will get worn out from over use or too many crashes. The difficulty is intermediate and you have password saves. Overall 8.0/10 This game is just mega fun and brings back a lot of fun memories. This is probably one of the best games you can get from Genesis. I think so because this game came out in the year when Sega got its popularity. The replay value is definitely high because it will take you a while to get passed all those races. If you like Motorcross you'll definitely like this one.

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