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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Sub Terania was an interesting game, it had a good story line, the graphics were average and so was the sound, the space ship was kind of hard to control at first, but soon you will be caught up in the fun of this nice little shooter. Story I really don't think the stories connected, every stage your were saving guys from a POW camp, and finding pieces of an under water module so you can stop the head guy. This is fact this just what I gathered from playing. Graphics The graphics were mediocre, nothing real exiting happened. The space ship was on the small side, but the backgrounds were nice. The huge caves you were in or a technological laboratory, everything in the backgrounds were great. The enemies, especially some of the bosses looked great too. If it weren't for the small space ship the graphics would have been better. Sound The music was pretty average. Nothing that really sticks out of my mind sound wise .The music during the intro, and mission briefings is pretty good. The sound FX are more generic shooting sounds things blowing up, and the sounds of guns. The sound department was generic, this is a generic shooter. Game Play This game is for 1 player. The object is different on every stage you get a new mission but most of them you got to save POW's, and find the modules. You get a briefing before each stage, it usually tells you where the module is at, and how many POW's you have to save, then it may tell you if you need other items. You get 3 different types of guns, blue red and green. Later on the game you find upgrades for these. The difficulty is hard; because later on in the game just crashing in to a wall can kill you. You had to keep a constant watch on your energy. And fuel, if you run out of either you die. There were a lot of things going on all the time, so you had to be quick in this one. The controls are very responsive which was a relief. The game didn't have either a password or battery back up. Overall 5 out of 10 This is a generic shooter. The difficulty is high and you have to be very good to beat it. This will take you a week or two to beat, if you survive that long, most of the time you won't and you will get bored with this before you beat it. The replay value is low because the difficulty is high, and it's not fun playing a game that's hard to beat and generic. Get this if your are a die hard shooter fan others may want to skip pass this one.

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