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Reviewed by Jeremy Peeples This review will cover Strider for Genesis, I will base my scores upon other games from 1989. This game is considered by many to be a classic,at the time of its release it featured the biggest cart size(8 megs.) and is renowned for its memorable bosses. This is a very hard game, you will definitely need to spend some time with it in order to beat it. Stider was originally an arcade game released in about 1988 and was praised for its gameplay, thankgully most of what made Strider a classic in the arcades holds true for the Sega Genesis port as well. Graphics-9/10-Great animation,large sprites,and huge bosses with very little slowdown. Sound-9/10-The sounds effects are clear, the music fits the stages, and helps to set a mood for the game, the music is excellent. Control-10/10-Always crisp, never sluggish; no complaints whatsoever. Presentation-7/10- It fits the game well,the menus are basic but get to the point and serve their purpose. Gameplay-10/10-Undoubtably the best feature of this game, excellent level design, great bosses, crisp control, tough levels, and memorable attacks help make this game a classic, the only downside is that the game is very short(it can be beaten in under 2 hours), this is understandable seeing as how this was originally an arcade game. Replay Value-9/10- The classic gameplay will keep most people hooked, but the difficulty may turn off some. Overall-9/10- The crisp,clear grahics and sound and the innovative gameplay and control equal a legendary game that is unforgettable. Rent or Buy?-Buy- This game is a classic and deserves to be played and enjoyed by everyone. It is a fairly easy game to find and shoundn't cost you too much, $15 at the most. For Nomad owners- Not much blurring (the worst blurring occurs when there are many sprites on-screen) and the controls are still perfect (even the huge bosses fit on-screen without any excess slowdown), the sound is still excellent and may be a little clearer, this may be because of the high quality speakers on the Nomad thogh.) Personally, I feel that playing this game on the Nomad is more enjoyable than playing it on a Genesis console because of the ability to play this classic anywhere you want.

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