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Streets of Rage

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Streets of Rage was one of the truly great Genesis games that brought it back to fame and glory. Before this game and some other that came out in the year 1991 there wasn't much out they're for the Genesis users. Much like the arcade hits Double Dragon and Final Fight, this game proved to be the Genesis savior. It was fresh it was new and the type of thing everyone wanted. It separated it self from being just another clone into something big. At the time it was literal eye candy that made me and everyone else's who experienced it jaws dropped. I thought this thing was unbelievable when I first seen the two huge characters on the screen performing all these moves and beating people up who looked realistic. The great and award winning music I'm sure that accompanied this game turned the genesis into a success. This is not a game one would take lightly and should have in their collection of you are a die-hard Genesis fan. Even until this day this is still one of my favorite games to play because it has a somewhat timeless quality to it. Story 9.5/10 The usual story accompanies this one that you would expect from a beatum type of game. 3 ex-cops who quit the force recently named Axel, Adam, and Blaze are together and on the street. The city was peaceful until a man by the name of Mr. X decides to star this own crime syndicate. At this point it seems that everyone except the as for mentioned ex-cops went to crime. You are the only ones left who could save them the police can't and they need your help. You must stop these Streets of Rage. Each character was pretty unique in styles and look. Not that the story really mattered when you were trying to battle your way through hordes and hordes of bad guys, the story was your typical one but a good one. Graphics 10/10 The graphics were splendid at the time, and basically no other home game rivaled it except for Sonic the Hedgehog. Each character was very large, and hey had detail in them, they weren't blurry or grainy like some of the other Genesis games characters at that time. These characters all had high detail and high resolution for the time that this game was made. The backgrounds although kind of plain and boring for today's standards were bright and excellent back then. They were highly detailed and you could actually read to some detail what signs said. You saw the little things like flyers on walls blowing in the wind and cans rolling across the ground to make it seem more realistic. The bosses were usually larger than your characters and really detailed as well. Like the boomerang throwing one on the first stage and the Wolverine looking guy in the 2nd. These guys were big and had some detailed not usually associated with Genesis games. Although at the time some things did look a bit cheesy like some of the repetitive backgrounds, that would loop together, but for the most part this would go past unnoticed. The graphics in this game as a whole were wonderful, and was one of the biggest draws to this game. Sound 10/10 What can I say? The sound on this game was UNRIVALED! The music from the street sounding music in the intro to the last theme was all wonderful, and some of the best midi music in any game, except for the FF prelude, other than that this is the music of choice. Every stage had a wonderful beat that went with it perfectly. I can't even say I enjoyed anything better than the other, everything music was perfect it all fit together like it was made for this game, like the composer had each stage in mind when he created it. This is the best music on Genesis bar none, and a sound track that could of won awards. The sound effects went seamlessly perfect with the game. Even though many would just consider the sounds punches and kicks you had other sounds that blended in beautifully. Like each distinctive karate yell of the 3 heroes, the cop car tires screeching, the enemies screaming from the hit, and much more. You also had other sounds that were for certain stages only like, the boat stage you would hear the waves crashing against it. Then the street stages you would hear garbage cans, and other street sounds in the distance. This gave the game a better overall appeal and made everything seem as realistic as 16-bits was getting. Game Play 10/10 This game is for one or two players. Which makes the game a LOT of fun. You had the 3 characters to chose from which I mentioned above. They were Adam, a strong but slow boxer, Blaze a fast but weak fighter, and Axel and combination of both. You had about 8 stages to get through they weren't too long but they were mostly pretty fun. You had some weapons that you either got off of enemies or found from breaking open things on the ground. You also had a cop car icon, which would call the cops who would wipe out basically every enemy on the screen when the going got tough. At the end of each stage there would be a boss sometimes to have them these guys were pretty tough but, you usually could take them down. You had a plethora of moves at your disposal. Yes the basic ones like punching kick and flying kick. You also had some combination moves and a couple of throws. You also had two player moves where one player would grabbed the other and throw them into a crowd of people, knocking people down, and some other cool ones. This was very unique at the time and not many games that were beat them up had this many moves at its disposal. The difficulty as adjustable and there wasn't any save or password feature. Overall 10/10 This without a shadow of a doubt was one of the best games of all time, and one of the ones that stuck out in the memory of consumers. It had two sequels, which just add to its greatness. The fun factor on this is through the roof its always a good time when your playing Streets of Rage, especially with two players. The replay value was high this was just a fun game to play through even though basically nothing changed when you did keep playing through it, it just had that infinite quality to it that most games just can't seem to have. This game will go down as one of the classics as Genesis and it is already is so many even knew that at the time. You can get this by its self or in a 6 pak cartridge with 5 other Genesis classics. If you still got that Genesis and don't have this game by all means you should think deeply about getting its just that good. I highly advise this game over anything out there.

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