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Streets of Rage

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li Street of Rage is one of the best 2D Genesis beat-em-up game I've ever played. It has 3 characters (I think) to choose from with 1 player and 2 player mode. Graphics - 9 The graphics are not too bad for a 2D game like this. I really like their colours and brightness in this game. Musics - 9 What makes a game exciting and nice? The music of course! The musics are terrific and somehow exciting. Gameplay - 9 This game is really nice with a few characters to choose. Each of them has their own personalities and special powers. Some is really fast while some are slow. Some are powerful while some are weak. Every character has lots of moves, espeacially the police's missile launching power so that should keep you on the mood. Replayability - 8 Once you complete the WHOLE game, there are not really much to do. Maybe you'll choose the two player mode and play with a friend against enemies. Beware that you can hurt your friend if you use a power against him or her. Overall - 9 This game is totally a different feeling for a beat-em-up game. It has a bit of original quality, in my opinion. This game is really the best beat-em-up game for the Genesis you've ever played!

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