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Streets of Rage 3

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Reviewed by Jeremy Peeples Streets of Rage 3 was released for the Sega Genesis in late 1994. Many people (in particular hardcore fans of the series and the genre in general) wondered if this game would live up to its full potential, and I?m glad to report, that not only did it meet its full potential, it surpassed it. Graphics-9/10- The characters are large, very detailed, and are animated excellently, the enemies are larger and are much more original than those in previous games in the series,also, the backgrounds are more diverse are very well designed and animated. Everything in this game has a sharper, more refined look than the previous games in the series. Sound-10/10- If any series showed what the Genesis could do sound-wise, other than the Sonic games, this was it, this series is known for its excellent music, and this game continues the tradition. The music is just as good as in the other games, and the sound effects are clear, most notably punches and kicks. Story-3/10- It's basically the same story That's been used in these types of games for years, and evil psycho comes to a town and terrorizes it, the good guys try to stop him. Gameplay-9/10- The game may appear shallow at first, but there is a ton of things to do. The game has 3 different endings and 7 characters (a record for this type of game, 3 of them are hidden, and 1 is new and instantly playable.) Also new moves have been added, the new moves are well animated and look great. Control-10/10- The control is perfect for this type of game, It's very responsive and the running moves are easy to execute as are the grapples and throws. Replay Value-7/10- This game has a lot of things to do after you beat it, for example, you could try to beat it with all of the characters, or get all 3 endings. Some may find that too monotonous though. Presentation-9/10- A strong point of the series, everything is clear, especially the menus. Also, the backgrounds of the menus are very well designed. Overall-9/10- It's the best side-scrolling beat-em-up out there, the great graphics, sound, and control make this an unforgettable game. Rent or Buy?-Buy- The game is excellent and should be cheap, and easy to find, I found my copy for 50 cents at my local Blockbuster Video. It's an excellent game and a must-buy for fans of the genre. For Nomad Owners- This game is perfect for the Nomad, the blurring is minor, the sound is crystal clear, and the control is still perfect. Overall, a great game for Nomad owners.

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