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Streets of Rage 2

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Reviewed by Jeremy Peeples Streets of Rage 2 was released foe the Sega Genesis in 1992. It's main competition was still the Final Fight series on the Super Nintendo. Many feel that this game is the epitime of the side-scrolling brawler genre, I have to agree. Graphics-10/10- Excellent, leaps and bounds above the original, the characters are larger and very sharp, not grainy as in the first game, the backrounds are improved ten-fold, they are more detailed and sharper than those in the first game. Music-10/10- Like the first game, excellent, this series is known for having excellent music and it didn't disappoint, every track is at least good, with many tracks being excelleent,it truly shows was the Genesis' ancient sound chip was capable of. Control-9/10- Near-perfect, most moves can be pulled off easily. The new special moves are original and easy to pull off but the running moves are a bit hit-and-miss. It's no big deal, but a problem none-the-less. Gameplay-9/10- Great, the gameplay is second-to-none in the genre, but it's a little redundant, this is the case for most of the games in the genre, it does have areas theat deviate from the side-scrolling brawling though, like the motorcycle fight. Replay Value-7/10- Once you've beaten it, there's no real reason to go back and play, the only reason I can think of is to beat it with all of the characters or try to improve on your high score. Presentation-8/10- It's basically the same presentation as the first game in the series, it gets the job done and is nothuing special. In this case though simpicity is perfect and fits the game perfectly. Overall-9/10- The great graphics, sound, gameplay, and control are reason enough to buy the game, the four characters are great and add a layer of depth to the game. Two of the characters (Skate and Max) are well-made and fit the series perfectly. Rent or Buy?-Buy- It's near-impossible to find Genesis games to rent, so just buy it, it shouldn't cost more than $10, some Blockbuster Videos sell old Genesis games, if you're lucky they'll have a copy for sale, my local BB had it for sale and it, along with other Genesis games, was only 50 cents. It's a classic game and a purchase that you won't regret. For Nomad Owners- The blurring is a bit of a problem in this game, ost notably when slowdown occurs. The music and control are still excellent. Overall, a good game for Nomad owners, just be wary of the slowdown.

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