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Streets of Rage 2

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Streets of Rage 2 many didn't believe it could surpass the original and thought that it would be a flop boy, were they wrong. Not only was this a way better game than the original in almost every category it smashed it out of contingency. New characters are in this one a much improved graphics, and more moves. The original didn't have too many flaws but this one just improved on the overall goodness that the old one had. This game had everything good graphics good game play smooth controls and more moves. My first impression on this was whoa!!! This game rules. Even though it was a standard beat them up type of a game, that were in abundance when this was released it never ceased to amaze me. The look of the game the much more detailed characters the much more detailed backgrounds. The awesome sound track. This was surely a game you wouldn't take for granted. This is truly one of the Genesis classics that many will cherish as one of the best ever. I really enjoyed this game even to this day its fun to play through again and again even though it didn't have much in the variety department it was high in the fun department, and much gifted game. Story 9.0/10 A story, which is sort of a continuation of the original, This time, Mr. X returned and he decided to kidnap your good buddy Adam. He has him locked up some where, and its your mission to get him back. He is also started his crime ring again and has all his thugs out to try and stop you. Axel and Blaze needed big time reinforcements this time since the police aren't on your side anymore. So they enlisted the help of Max and Skate. Max is a life long friend of Max and they worked out together. Skate is Adam's kid brother who will do anything to get his buddy back. Together these 4 will go at it and tough the toughest streets to retain their lost comrade. Basically its your usually kidnap your friend type of story with no new twist really. It did seem to work and I guess this was the only way they could have decided to start the sequel. I still enjoyed the story, and if you think about it the story is quite good. Graphics 10/10 These graphics are leaps and bounds over the original. Each character is a very large size and have a lot of detail. You can see their faces pretty well, and their frame rate is much larger in this one. You get more frames per move to make them look a bit more realistic. So did the enemies they all have more moves now. The game looks like a darker Final Fight now. The backgrounds got a major over haul especially like the beach stage before the beach stage on the original was consider the best this one is even better. Instead of the luminous backgrounds of old buildings and a New York looking skyline, this one has improved on it, and gave the things in the background more definition and more sharpness to them. The enemies look great as well, the guys from the previous version look better than ever now, they have a high resolution of detail to them, instead of looking flat and plain. You can actually tell the different between them and if you looked close you would see their mouths open when they got hit. The bosses looked pretty good as well, they were still large but they to have more detail than the previous version, Mr. X looks about the same as he did last year which was pretty good then. The overall graphics in this game were astonishing and I couldn't ask for better at the time, the graphics here were the best of the series. Sound 10/10 A wonderful soundtrack that matches the original perfectly, it seamlessly blends in with the rest of the game. Some of the music was just imports from the original while other parts have improved tremendously. Some of the music was remixes and some darker beats were added. The opening them is similar to the original version since it is as well just a remix but fits the theme of this game more. Some of the music like the stage ending music sounds exactly he same to give you an at home feel when you play this. The sound effects were pretty good as well, they were all mostly bone shattering and hard hitting, to make the game more appealing and blend in with the rest of the games music. There was some voices but mostly it was just your characters distinctive karate yells, and so forth. The enemies you wouldn't hear like the bosses say come on once in a while, but other than that you didn't hear too much to make the game voices stand out or noticeable. For the most part the music in this game and the sound effects were pretty good, and did well with the graphics to make it rounded on both ends. Mostly Genesis music usually isn't this good, but this game showed me the way and it was very good and lived up to its original perfectly. Game Play 10/10 This game is for one or two players. You have 4 characters to chose from now and they all have unique abilities. This time Blaze possess the even characteristics that Axel use to have. Axel is a power and speed based character but he can't jump, really and doesn't have much stamina. Max is all power but he is slow, and lacks other skills. Blaze is even and Skate is fast because he is the only character who can run, well skate. You have more moves in this one, considering before all you really had was pretty standard when this one came out. Some of the more complexes moves, were harder to pull off. Like the throws in stuff. The 2 player moves are still around and just as effecting. You also now have special moves, each character possesses one, like Blaze does what is similar to a hadoken and Axel does a Shoryuken. You also get some more assortment of weapons like a sword, and some other some of the older weapons were removed to make way for the newer cooler ones, baseball bats are still here so that a good thing. The weapon still goes away after you drop it a few times. Some things are missing in action like the old call the cop routine that's gone, so you are now on your own. You also now have a new mode, which is good it is sort of a street fighter esqe versus mode. This is where you and another member of your team duke it out, to see who is the best. Its kind of like a standard fighting game but it is still a lot of fun, and good to play, it adds to the replay value a lot too. The difficulty was adjustable, but even on the hardest mode the difficulty didn't' compare to the original. There wasn't any save or password features. Overall 10/10 This is and always will be a fabulous game and it brings joy to the mind of all those who had a chance to experience it. This is truly a Genesis classic, that many appreciated then and now. Even though its probably considered dated since many people lost all interest in playing beat them up games. The replay value on this is pretty high considering that two player versus mode its fun to do when you have a friend over and It's a good test of skills and techniques you can use when you play the real part of the game. My one and only flaw with this game was the difficulty. It could have been raised much higher than it was the game was too simple to beat, and it really didn't take long if you were a master of the original. The fun factor in this game was pretty high even though easy to beat it was still fun to play through again and was worth playing through a lot of times. This is just one of those classic games any beat them up type game fan would love to have in their collection. If you have a Genesis this is a great game right here and one you will enjoy a lot of times over.

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