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Streets of Rage 2

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li Street of Rage 2 has now up to 4 characters to choose from and now they have their own secret powers and moves! This game has its own 'personalities' and style to make this game a bit original. Graphics - 9 The graphics are much more detailed this time with the stupendous colours, fantastic characters and there is no slow-down in the framerate! These kind of graphics are throughly surprising! The landscapes are much better! Musics - 8 The musics doesn't sounds really exciting as before. They sound almost like the original Street of Rage but some are really nice. Gameplay - 9 This game is really exciting with an additional one character to control. The bosses are slightly tougher with their attacks so this game is a bit challenging. Also, there are lots of weapons you can use throughout in this game. There are also extra moves for you to use. Replayability - 8 This game lacks of something to keep you coming back for more. But, the two-player mode should keep you enjoying this game. The one-player mode is slightly longer than usual so you'll play Street of Rage longer. Overall - 9 This game is a must for Street of Rage or beat-em-up fans! Buy this game or you'll regret!

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