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Street Smart

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner This game blows!!! was what I said when I first played it, then I got deeper into, it still sucks. Not only is this a bad Street fighter clone, it's a bad clone of a street fighter clone. There is nothing interesting about this game whatsoever, it ashame I waisted 3 dollars on it. Story Well I don't know you get 2 guys to chose from which one is better who knows? You fight your way through guys who you can't pick until you fight a boss for no reason. I mean did these guys suddenly wake up and say lets beat the crap out of people today. The whole story department needed some serious work. Graphics The graphics stink, its not like the sprites are small, but they lack quality. The faces look washed out and tired, everything graphical stinks real bad. The backgrounds are high rise buildings and alleyways with people in the background, nothing amazing or even average in this category. Sound The music was boring and unremarkable, nothing that stays on your mind or to hum to while you play. The sound FX are very unenthusiastic, and are just bad the same sound FX is for punching, kicking, blocking and missing I don't know what I'm doing. Genesis sound really stunk in the past but never this bad. Game Play This game is for 1 or 2 players. You can pick either loser 1 or 2, it really doesn't make a difference you don't have any special moves. There's a story mode and a mode where you can fight a friend well not like anyone else will want to play this with you. You get no special moves, only one very crappy punch and kick, maybe a fly kick and that's a huge maybe. The difficulty was intermediate, the average player can blow past this in a day. There aren't any saves or passwords. Overall 1 out of 10 This game is horrible stay as far away as possible, do not even attempt it. This is a pathetic attempt at a game, and whatever company made this crap should be out of business. This is one of the worst games ever created, if you see a copy of this don't go anywhere near it. It's not even worth to look at, don't give it the credit. It's a good thing over street fighter clones bury this worthless game I would have to hate to see it get some sunlight, Stay light years away from this one.

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