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Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Street Fighter II Special Champ was an excellent game for the Genesis and brought it back into the swing of things with SNES. Before this game Genesis fans either had to go to the arcades or play cheap knockoffs to get their Street Fighter, this home version was a Godsend to most. It was suppose to be like Turbo for SNES with more options and all the secrets put in, which it was. Being an expert Turbo player and Hyper player when I first played this, it came easily to me. The moves were fairly simple to pull off especially if you had a brand new 6-button controller when this first came out. The graphics were great all the characters were detailed nicely but they were a little bit smaller than I would have liked them to be. I guess this was needed because of the increase of speed, and the sharper details. I think some of the added options made this game fresher than the SNES version plus it was a whole lot quicker, Sega utilized the speed it had in the system to put together a great game. Graphics 9.0/10 These graphics were great, all the characters had a lot have detailed like they were in the arcades. The backgrounds in this game looked good but some of them didn't have the arcade flair or some of the graphics were noticeably missing. This was ok it wasn't a huge problem. The moves on the other hand were done quite well, and had just about all the animation frames. The characters didn't' they didn't seem to bounce around as much and have little facial smirks like the arcade version did. Even some small things to make it seem more arcade like were thrown in like the mysterious Red Ken hadoken was added, even though it does no more or less damage as a regular one it shows that Capcom was trying to make it seem more authentic and better. The opening scene where they show the two guys fighting next to the building did look a lot like they did in the arcade, and just about as realistic too, which surprised me because when this first came out I heard that this scene was missing. As a whole the graphics were dynamite and beyond most expectations when this first came out. Sound 8.0/10 The sound was altered a lot, I have to say but better than most Genesis games that came out at the time. Even though some music didn't sound as vibrant and loud and effective as it did in the arcade this went by unnoticed by most. Some of the music the more popular tunes that were in the game sounded almost as good like Ken's music and Ryu's music. The sound effects were pretty good as well. Even though when you punched some one in this one it went by basically unnoticed and not bone shattering like it sounded in the arcades it was pretty good. The voices and sound bytes like Ryu and Ken's Shoryuken and Hadoken, and Chun Li's spinning Sidekick sounded well but not arcade like. They were sort of gargled here and just not as clear as they could have been. They didn't even sound as good as the SNES version; many didn't expect it too anyway. So some of the music could of used some more work, and could have been better but as a whole it all sounded good, and some of the best music on Genesis, no one can dispute that fact at all. The sounds and music worked well with the graphics on the game and the sight collision was pretty closely linked together. Game Play 9.5/10 This game is for one or two players. You had your usual two modes versus and championship. You also now had a group mode. The group mode had two types of play Elimination and Match Play. Elimination is where up to 12 people can play sharing controllers, and whatever team eliminates the other is the winner. Then match play is where each person gets a turn the first person to win 4 matches is the winner. That is if you play wit hall 12 characters. Then vs. is the usually one Vs two-player mode best out of 3 this is the fun mode and could be played for hours. Then you have the championship mode, this is where you climb to the top with any of the 12 World Warriors or even the 4 Grand Champions, to see their endings, and how their story unfolds. You also have the hyper mode where you can select the speed from real slow, to really fast. I would take a medium speed and not the fastest or the slowest its more fun that way. There really isn't that much different between Champion and hyper mode just the speed, and the color of the warriors clothing defaults are switched around. The difficulty is adjustable, but this is one of those games where you can't beat it on the easiest mode. Their isn't any save nor password feature. Overall 9.0/10 This is a fabulous game and one of the fathers of fighting, it was one of the many different versions of the original Street Fighter II and one of my favorite all time fighters. There were many after this but not too many could compete with the fun this one had. This game is best played with a group in my opinion. It just doesn't provide the same amount of fun if played with only one player. The fun factor is through the roof, this is definitely a fighting game where it's always fun to play again and fun to get through. The replay value is high as well; you will want to beat this with all the characters that are available to you. This is an highly enjoyable game and I suggest it to anyone who is a Street Fighting fan who never got it, even if your not you'll become one after playing this game.

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