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Spider-Man and the X-Men: Arcade's Revenge

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Spider man and X-Men some of the coolest characters and most known character in video game history. How can they combine to make a game this bad? This thing just doesn't make since no one not even a huge fan would like this. First off its ugly the graphics are bad, the music is non-existent the game play is bad. What's wrong with this game? What's right with this game seriously nothing. Not even the cool characters to save this game. My first impression was Ugh what crap. I can't believe this game is this bad. The characters and graphics actually looked worst than NES games, and so was the sound. The controls were poor too, there was no options what so ever, and this game just plain sucked. Each character only did one thing except Spiderman he could swing on a web too. There wasn't that many stages and they were pretty hard I'll give it that much. Story 0.5/10 I'll give the story something, I think that it was based on a Spiderman comic book I doubt it though. Basically some one kidnapped the X-Men, which I can't understand. How can some one kidnap X-Men with all their powers that just doesn't make since. So Spiderman some how finds out, and he tries to infiltrate Arcade's hide out to save them. When he gets in he gets caught and Arcade sends all of them to places of their worst nightmare. This story is pretty basic, and been done so many times. That's why I doubt this game was based on a comic book, if it was it could have been way better than this, this is pathetic. Graphics 0.0/10 The graphics on this game was horrible. All the characters barely and That's just barely resembled the comic books character. They were real small and hard to see they were also hard to control. The backgrounds seriously didn't' help the game at all. They were very generic below generic actually and pretty horrific. Most of the time when they tried to put things in the backgrounds it looked like nothing and I really couldn't make it out. The enemies looked ok but they came at you from all directions you couldn't tell what they were and they were done pretty badly. Even he opening scene looks bad and looked like they were drawn by a two year old and not a comic book or video game artist. The bosses you fought were the same size as the heroes, most of them were famous and X-Man and Spiderman fought before on cartoons and TV. You could distinguish them slightly by their colors. The graphics really killed this game even more. Sound 0.0/10 The sound was basically non-existent, and you really didn't' hear much. Only the opening theme actually resembled music book it was the same tune over and over every 5 bars or so. It was done well at all and sounded like typical Genesis game music, probably worst. The sound effects were perhaps worth you didn't even here the sound of Wolverine using his claws, going in and out. Nor were any of the other limited sound effects really good even made you feel like you were playing a good game. Not only did the sounds make the graphics seem some how worst, they were bad all together. This is definitely a game you listen to wit the sound off because that techno pop gets rather annoying rather quickly. Game Play 0.5/10 This game is for 1 player only, thankfully some how this game may have been somewhat enjoyable if you had a friend along. The controls were probably the worst feature on the entire game; they were so sloppy and so lose. You could fall of the platforms so easily, and most of the time you would die when doing this in a stage likes Cyclops or Gambits. The characters did move fast I will give them that but they were hard to see. Cyclops and Gambit both had limit use of their mutant powers so once you ran out of cards with Gambit it was basically just trying to run through the entire stage without stopping. Then some characters like Spiderman could use more attacks, which I felt, isn't right. The only cool thing was the ability to swing on Spiderman's web. Other than that there was nothing fun to do and it soon wears thin after a few minutes. The difficulty on this game was just too hard from this game to be this crappy. You had to get through two separate stages with each character, and some of them will seem near impossible, except for Spiderman and Wolverine's stage. The difficulty is hard and there isn't' and save or password feature. Overall 1.0/10 A pretty pathetic game this is, and I wouldn't touch it again if you paid me. This game was just that bad, not even the super heroes who were in this game and with all their fame could save it. The fun factor is extraordinarily low, if you count swinging on Spiderman web a day at Disney World fun then, well you might find this fun. The replay value is nil as well, That's even if you make it through this game once, not only is it bad its highly frustrating. A Lot of things could have been done to make this better like, Graphics and Sound from the original X-Men game, and the game play of the original Spiderman is what everyone was hoping for, this falls flat of what those games had. I seriously don't think there was anything good about this game or fun, this game is the type that you rent, play for a minute and can't wait to you can return it and not have to look at it again. It's just that bad seriously. Even if you were the biggest Spider Man & X-Men in the world I would advise highly against purchasing this old dinosaur of a game.

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