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Reviewed by Dyson Turner The original Spiderman for Genesis is probably the best overall. I don't know what it is about this game, it just has infinite replay value. It came out in the magical year of 1991 where all the great Genesis classics came about. This is definitely in the league of those. This presented a new type of game, and a very fun Spiderman which lived up to all his comic book, and cartoon fame. You had all his most famous villains, and other bad guys who were known. My first impression of this was that whoa this is sweet. I actually felt like this is a definitely worth of Spiderman, and some of the most fun I ever had. The way he swung on his web, and killed bad guys and took pictures was all true to the comic book element. The game really wasn't too long but it was long enough and was Spiderman enough like to push it pass its ordinary side scrolling super hero based games. The overall design and look of this game was top notch and many couldn't ask for more when this game came out. Story 8.0/10 The story goes as follows, The kingpin one of Spiderman's main enemies is holding the entire city of New York for ransom. For a certain amount of money probably a billion dollars is what I remember. He says that Spiderman is the bad guy (as usual) and makes it seems like he's protecting the city from him when It's the over way around. Spiderman must clear his name and free the city from Kingpin and destroy some of his archenemies along the way. This story was pretty standard even for when this came out the story wasn't a huge factor though. Even though I still like this story and think it was pretty good, and it was strait out of a Spiderman comic book series. Graphics 8.0/10 The graphics were pretty good for 1991, Spiderman was a nice size he was very large and so were all the enemies. Even though most of them did look pretty drab and they were faces less, they still had a nice appeal to them. The backgrounds much like the enemies were kind of on the drab side. Especially on the first stage with the plain tall buildings in the background, and so was some of the other later stages kind of drab. The bosses on the other hand look very good and a lot like their comic book counterparts. Spiderman when he swings on the web could have looked better than it did it looked pretty cheesy. The beginning scene did look good. Kingpin looked pretty realistic in the opening scenes of the game. Even though this was an early game it still had good graphics for the time, and they were slightly above what every other game was doing. Sound 7.0/10 The music in this game was pretty good, the opening song reminded me of the campy 1970's cartoon of Spiderman. The other music in the game sounded like basic side scrolling game music and it really wasn't anything spectacular. Some sages however were very good, but mostly the later ones the ones in the middle kind of faltered they could have sounded better. The sound effects in the game were pretty good though. You had all the usual Spiderman sounds like his web shooting and him swinging. No Spidey voice does kind of hamper things in the game. The music in this game sort of all worked together and it all was insinc with every thing else. The music did combine well with the graphics and fit the many different scenes in the game. Game Play 9.0/10 This game is for one player only. You are Spiderman and he has all his Spider moves from the comic books. He spins webs to stop the enemies. He swings on Webs to propel him to new and exciting places. But Web Fluid doesn't come easy. Much like the comic book Spiderman is just a freelance photographer working for the Daily Bugle. You get a camera and you have to take a picture of something to get money. The money buys you more web fluids. With out web fluids you won't be able to do much. I say wait to take the picture of some one important like a boss. That will score you a lot of web fluid. You have to fight each one of Spiderman's villains at the end of each stage. You get the most famous ones too, like Killer Croc, Venom, and some more. You have two main methods of attack one is to shoot web at enemies, the other is to, just use your fist. I say save your web fluid for swinging and not just take out enemies. The difficulty on this game is intermediate. Their isn't any save or password feature. Overall 9.0/10 This is a very well rounded and complete game. It is one of the best out there, any one will tell you that. Most people consider this the best Spiderman game ever, and it has justified reason why. It may not have the graphics of Maximum Carnage but in my opinion this is just more fun. The Fun factor on this is through the roof on your first play through it has all the elements associated with Spiderman to make this game seem very complete. Consequently the Replay Value is very low. After (if you beat this) this game isn't that much to draw you back sure some of the stages are some fun, but after a while it wears thin. You really can't continue o keep replaying this game this is probably one of its only flaws. For the most part besides that this game will seem very cool even to this day when you first play it, this is the type of game you won't put down easily. If you are a Spiderman fan this is a must, if your just looking for a good side scroller this is a great place to look.

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