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Sonic Spinball

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Reviewed by Clement Chan Zhi Li Sonic Spinball is just a game that has changed into a pinball game! But, you still can move around with your legs and spin through this astounding game! Graphics - 8 The graphics are really a let down. It's not better, it's just a tiny bit poorer. Never mind that, there are a few graphics in the game that's much better! Musics - 9 The musics are quite nice and original! These kind of musics can really be a nice change after the graphics. Gameplay - 9 Sega has managed to change Sonic game into a pinball! Even when you encounter bosses, you have to fight them a bit in a pinball style! I remember how I encounter the last boss but I failed. The bosses are tougher (of course), because of this kind of style. This amazing game is really nice and exciting. Replayability - 8 Okay, the bosses are hard so maybe you want to play this game until you master it. There are also Chaos Emeralds to collect too! But, after you play with it for a while, you may just keep in somewhere. Overall - 8 The game is exciting but because of the pinball feature type, I don't really like that idea. I'm not really a pinball fan so if you are, this game shuld be nice for you to play!

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