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Sonic & Knuckles

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Sonic & Knuckles, the forth installment in this series, though not as good as the 3rd game it still holds its own. This is definitely a game I wouldn't deny a good experience on and I really recommend it. This time some things have been changed, but made room for new and revolutionary changes. For instance this game has no 2 player, mode even though there are 2 main characters, they are 2 different games. Also different is there isn't any save game feature, which was present in the 3rd installment, which is a huge bummer. This game wasn't as hard though so it really wasn't necessary. When I first played this game I was not really impressed, it had just about the same graphics from Sonic the Hedgehog 3, and only few other things were noticeably improved. The music in the beginning was different but it was at least better than the music in Sonic 3. Sonic did the same moves he did in Sonic 3, but Knuckles had new moves, which was a good thing. Also new to this game was the fact that you could put a game on top of it the other 2 Sonic as a matter of fact and play new adventures. This was the first and only Genesis game capable of doing it, and was the games main attraction. This game had even more hype around it than Sonic 3, and in my opinion lived up to every bit of it. This is one of those games that you will never regret getting and every one marveled over when this first hit the shelves. Story 10/10 Well Sonic & Knuckles story was different from each other. Sonic right after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, landed back on Angel Island. Dr. Robotnik once again was presumed dead, but he made his comeback as well, and his doomsday device also landed on the island unscathed. Sonic lost contact with his little bud Tails, and was doing his one on his own again. Dr. Robotnik recaptured all the little animals he can find and made them all badniks again. This was Sonic's last chance to free his world of Robotnik but he also had to watch to for that pesky Echidna Knuckle. At this point the Chaos Emeralds were useless, but there were more that had even better powers and he needed to find those and so did Robotnik to finally rule the world. Knuckles feeling all threat was over from he finally had some time to relax I nthe shade. That is when a huge bomb came and blew up in his face, he thought it was that rude and arrogant hedgehog, and thought that Sonic was the enemy. Back then and in the 3rd game Knuckles thought that Sonic was the enemy, and that he could trust Robotnik, so he went on the path to track down Sonic. He also was there to protect the Chaos Emeralds that were on that island. He always though that robotnik was the good guy. These stories eventually meet up and make this game have the best story ever. In my opinion this game was a brilliant way to end off the series of games. Graphics 10/10 The graphics were splendid just like they were on Sonic the Hedgehog 3. You could tell that some things have been improved like the overall speed in the game, and some of the small things that Sonic and Knuckles did. The enemies looked great as well, and showed a lot of realism and color. Everything in this game had a great deal of realism, and it is amazing to believe that this and the 3rd one came out in the same year. Knuckles looked exactly the same way he did in Sonic 3, but his body detail was different. He now had a wait to long stance just like Sonic and Tails did in the other games in this series. Also the opening scene was fantastic and the best in the series. You see Sonic fall and a small piece of land right next to Sonic, and they both are very large and detailed. Some of the backgrounds did look the same, and were the same as the ones in Sonic 3, well that would be excepted. Seeing as though this game did take place around the same time that one did, and that they were both on Angel Island. Some stages really out did expectation like the Desert and the Pyramids with the well detailed ghost characters looked just as good as what the SNES was producing. These graphics as well as its many other versions in my opinion were the absolute best on Genesis, and you really weren't getting any better than this. Sound 10/10 From the opening theme to the ending credits this game was pure gold in the sound department. Really love what they did with the opening theme, and this one really fits the way the Sonic games were like the original 2. Even though its totally different than the original I still love it just the same. Then the first few Zones music sounds great as well, and really will stick on your memory for a long while after. Some music like the desert zone, and the carnival night zone which is in every game, sounding way better than exceptional, and it really out did what the earlier games were capable of doing. The sound effects in this game were beyond the norm, you had all the regular ones from the other games, still no Sonic voice liked rumored but it was still good. Most of the sounder effects did stay the same though, but just got crisper than before. You still had the music for the invincibility stars which was close to the opening theme in the game just faster, this music sounded great, and gave you good feeling. Some of the songs did just sound like remixes from the other series, but for the most part it was way better than the norm. The music in this game I would have to say was outstanding. It really went well along with the graphics to give you an overall better atmosphere and feel for the game, this game was both a treat for the eyes and the ears. Game Play 10/10 This game is for 1 player only, and in my opinion was a huge mistake on the part of Sega. You had to choose a character strait from the beginning, either Sonic or Knuckles. They started at the same stage but went on different paths. Sonic had the same moves from Sonic the Hedgehog 3, such as the regular spin, the spin dash and the sharp spin. Knuckles had a nice array of moves, he did have all the moves Sonic did plus more. Like the float, and he grabs walls and climbs up them plus some more. I say that this game did have more acts and zones than the last one but it just wasn't that hard. You had all the sane items that were present in the other Sonic 3 and only Sonic could use their powers. You had the same special stage found in Sonic 3, where you are in a 3D ring and you have to collect all the spheres. Though now there are two other special stages. These special stages don't get you a Chaos Emerald though. One stage you hit off bumpers from the wall, and grab a power up the way you go. Some times it is just a black bumper or 10 coins, at other times you may get an extra life. Then other's another one where you have to try and make it to the top of the stage, if you do you is rewarded for your effort. Then there is the main draw of this game and that is the fact that you can put a game on top of it and relive another older sonic adventure. The first and only games you can officially use this with is Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or 3. In Sonic 2 if you add it on you get a new title screen, where you can only play as Knuckles though. You get all the power ups and everything is set up like it is in Sonic 2 but you can get and do something easier as Knuckles. Then for maximum enjoyment, play this with Sonic 3 and this is probably the most fun you'll ever have. Now you can finally play as Knuckles in Sonic 3, which has been, rumored a lot about when it was released. You again the same lay out but you can visit different parts of each stage, and play in places Sonic couldn't go before. This is very cool and it seems like Sega had plans for this because they stuck all that extra stuff in there anyway, despite the fact at the time you couldn't use it. I just wish more games had utilized this technology. The difficulty in this game I would say is intermediate, although if you an expert and have beaten the other Sonic's cleanly then this should be no problem for you. There is not any save or password feature. Overall 10/10 This is an overall fun game it had great graphics, sound and was fun to play. I had only a few gripes with this one. My only few gripe with this were few like the fact there was no two-player mode. I think it would of been great since the were on Knuckles Angel Island that he would have had a side kick like Sonic had Tails. Or at least Tails being in the game it would have made it more enjoyable. Amy feel as though because of the add on technology that lead to the fact many of the older features had to be cut out in order to preserve continuity, and it just wasn't much room left. I would have rather had those features sacrificed because it would have been much cooler for both of them too have sidekicks. Some other things in this game were problems for me. Like the fact there was no options so thus you couldn't play the fun competitive mode. I think that should have been at least been included, which was a huge mistake. Plus the fact that no other games after this one utilize this feature so it really was worthless. It was fun for a while but your basically still playing the same game. The fun factor was low though; it wasn't fun playing without a second player, which I got accustomed to in the other two games. On the contrary the replay value was really high. Since the fact it did have the add on technology it made both of the older games and this one more fun, and could have you playing it for weeks. This was a very good game to cap off the Genesis series of Sonic games, I think if there would have been more it would been ridiculously and it would ruined the whole experience. This is one of the star games in any body Genesis collection, and will be remembered as one of the best games ever. This was probably tied with Sonic 1 in my opinion, the 2nd and the 3rd one was better though. There were just a few things in this game that hampered this game, and it just seems like a continuation of Sonic the Hedgehog 3. In other words it really wasn't that necessary for it to be like this, and it could have been better. Even though they did try and add on as much stuff as possible most of the stuff really didn't need to be there. Well any way I would still recommend this game for anyone who is looking for a good title though. This is one of the games that are a must have in my opinion.

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