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Sonic the Hedgehog

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Sonic the Hedgehog in my opinion with out a shadow of a doubt was the game that saved Sega from an early demise. This game in many people's opinion had it all graphics, music fun game play and it was on every one who even owned a Genesis wish list in 1991. When screen shots, and pictures of this game came available many disappointed Genesis fans seen New Hope in their machine. Then finally it came out, a very impressive game, large characters beautiful colors, and great music. My first impression when I laid eyes on this gem of a game was astounding I marveled at the funny character named Sonic, at his super fast speed, at his mass appeal and potential this character had. This game was just tons of fun to play and everyone though that to be true, many people who have witnessed this dynasty at its beginning, and certainly not at its height. Were amazed and astound by it, and eagerly waited for more titles like this one here to come from Sega. No one on the face of this Earth who played the original Sonic when it originally came out could deny the fact, and amazing effect that this game had over people. This game surly brought hope to each and every Sega fan out they're, and many including yours truly went out to buy this game as soon as it was released. Story 10/10 What a wonderful story added to this game, and it was already had appeal even with no story at all. On Sonic's home planet, he was like a king of all the other animals, he may have been a little rude and arrogant but everyone loved sonic. There was no denying that, and people looked up to his youthful wisdom and his love every creature. One day and evil Doctor, Dr. Robotnik had a plan to rule that world as his own. He turned all of Sonic's furry friends into Robots, which were called Badniks. Dr. Robotnik was also out for the Chaos Emeralds with them that he would heighten his chances of world domination. Sonic then soon realized that all his furry little friends were missing, and he didn't find out why. He started to see small robots and he then knew that his evil arch Nemesis Robotnik was about. Sonic's sole job was to free each of his furry friends and put a stop to Robotnik, before it was too late. This got Sonic mad seeing as the fact that him Robotnik were long time enemies and finally had enough power to put his diabolical scheme into action at full force. Even though this is your usual Hero saves planet from bad guy I still liked it, it had a different element to it to make it even more appealing to youngsters and this was the type of story that started a legend. Graphics 10/10 The graphics in this game were beautiful and until its sequel there wasn't a game out there could even come close to rivaling them. Sonic was a fairly large character and all the enemies were fairly large as well. The landscape and scenery was outstanding and it was truly eye popping for any one who even looked at this. At the time that this came out graphics like these were labeled as unreal, and many felt that graphics like this on your home system could not have been possible. They were though and this was well represented in this game, and the atmosphere of everything was just plain gorgeous. The bosses who were Robotnik were outstanding and highly detailed. If you look closely at Sonic's face you will see the detail in it and how his eyes blink and his arms sway from side to side. Every background in this game was highly detailed with much go on in them. The speed of Sonic was incredible and he moved at a very fast and alarming pace with out any slow down what so ever in this game. Even though it was side scrolling through out the game it gave you a feel that you weren't since most of the stages had a small side way place or you had to go all over the stage it seemed very different at the time. I truly enjoyed evening watching this game never mind just playing it was great, and this is one of those games that were fun to watch. Sound 10/10 A Sega Genesis first, some outs standing music. This game music was sensational, and it really out did any thing that ever came out before and some what time afterwards. Even as the unforgettable main theme played everyone knew if this music were that good, the rest of the game would have to be as well. It happened to be true, with great sounding music on plenty of the stages in the game, especially Star Night Zone. I'm greatly appreciative of the Sound Test in this game and some of the great music you could listen to. The music was also loud and crisp and sounded as authentic as a SNES game. The sound effects were actually memorable too, like when you lose all your rings and other great music. The sound of jumping on enemies and when you go through a tunnel at fast speeds. The sound of Sonic's hair was cutting the grass as he went along. Other great music that played in the game was when you had to fight Robotnik at the end of each zone, and that music played through out the series. When you got a star power up the Sonic theme song would play. The Sonic theme song was just as good as the Mario one heard on the first stage of the original and this had to be on of the memorable pieces in video game history. When you sit down and think about how good this music went along with the mega fast game play and perfect graphics, you would be really astound by this game in general. Game Play 10/10 This game was for one player only, which was a sad thing though, but ultimately fixed in its many sequels that it has had. You had 6 "Zones" to play each one had 3 stages on them, plus their was a special stage if you had 50 rings at the end of each stage. All together your looking at 18 different stages of fun, sonic got power ups though limited they all had their effects. The coolest would have to be Sprint Sneakers, which enabled Sonic to run at speed not even fathom on a side scroller. Then there was the temporary invincibility, which was coupled with the great theme song. You also had a more permanent shield, which protected you from losing your rings. The rings that you gathered enabled you to survive longer, if you had 50 you would get to the special stage, a hundred granted you an extra life. Your main way of an attack was to jump on enemies much like Mario did in his games. This was the way to free your animal friends. At some points in that the game you had to solve mini puzzles they usually weren't hard at all and they did take some times to figure out once in a while. At the end of each zone is where you had to face one of Robotnik's many suits, as I like to call them. He will hit you with a different barrage every time all though most of it has a pattern, which takes some, time to figure out. My only real and very small problem with this game was that it did not provide enough challenge for the gamer once you beat it, and that there was nothing else to do once you beat it. That was it the game was finish, although it was fun for a while to go back and play a few times, but it really didn't last. A game like this was fun for the first few play through then it just faltered, and it was hard to find any thing left redeeming to play it. Another I disliked was the fact of the special stage. The special stage really wasn't all that fun and even though I am glad it got a lot better in the other Sonic the Hedgehog games. In this one, you are in like a maze, with crystals all over the place, you have to bounce of stuff, and destroy the crystals to get through to the chaos Emeralds, it was fun for like the first one you play through. After that the game just gets boring and useless to play the special stages. If you get all the Chaos Emeralds it proves nothing you don't get a better or different ending, or the game doesn't get any better. You get the same tired one, even when you get them, thankfully this was also corrected in later versions of this game. The difficulty was intermediate, and there wasn't any saves or password features. Overall 10/10 This was a fun game marred by only a few things. Namely no two player mode which the original Super Mario Brothers had, this in my opinion killed the game even more and made it less enjoyable. With two players this game would have been a blast just like its sequels were. Then the fact that it really doesn't have any replay value considering their nothing to do after you beat it. Even so you should have had some secrets in the game, or a secret zone to play through in this you get nothing really. The fun factor however is very high, wit hall the fast and furious fun that this game obtains, you fingers will blister before you actually put the controller down, this game is just too much fun when you first get it. You will however get stuck at certain points of the game because it does get kind of rough playing through all of it, it could have been easier but it really wasn't. I also feel as this game was geared towards kids while most kids probably wouldn't have been able to beat this at the time it came out because quite frankly the game was hard for me back then. It took me quite a while to get through some of those particularly rough zones in the game, and some of the acts. I also feel as though Sonic should have had more moves than he did, all he could really do was jump and roll good thing he gets a second type of attack in the next game. That roll really doesn't work unless you are running fast. I like the idea about getting rings, as sort of like energy, because that is sort of like eating mushrooms in Mario. Since it does provide something before you die since you don't have an energy bar, as long as you at least have one ring you are safe from all badniks. Well I think the best features of this game were the fact that Sega finally utilized the one thing this system had over all the others and that was its speed. This at the time was the fastest running game on the market, and that made the game better well consider to the rest of the market it isn't as fast as other games were. Well even though these are very small nit picking problems, it still really doesn't hurt the game at all. This is one of the classics for the genesis in fact this is probably one of the best games out there you could of gotten. If some how you don't have this one already I advise you get it, it is still well worth it even to this day.

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