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Sonic the Hedgehog 3

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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Well, in reality trilogies usually flop whether it is music, movies or video games. They are never usually as good as the original or its prequel. This is not the case here, not only is this game actually better the previous 2, it expounds on it even more. This game corrected every little mistake that was found in Sonic the Hedgehog 1 & 2, and makes them even better. Plus it adds in even more reasons to play, more secrets, and just more Sonic fun. This game was well hyped before its release and I have to say it lives up to every little bit of it. Everything that was rumored and speculated about is right here in this game. All the secrets, all the new options everything was here. My first impression of this was wow! This makes the original Sonic the Hedgehog games look like nothing, this game is far superior to those, the graphics were even better more memorable music, more fun, more things Sonic & Tails can do. You will have to delve deep in to the heart of this game to fully appreciate all the things that have been thrown in as side bonuses. For instance, Tails can now fly, there is now a save feature, and there is a new character plus much more. This game boosts the replay value by a high amount and is just more overall fun in this one over the original 2. This in my opinion, was the best of the series, this perfected the game, this added every cool thing all the Sonic fans dreamed about. Truly this is a superior game. Story 10/10 Well, after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 2, and everyone in the world thought they rid he world of Dr. Robotnik once and for all. So as we may or may not know Sonic's plane that was piloted by tails crashed again, and thus Sonic having possession of the Chaos emeralds came down on a mysterious island called Angel Island. He is running along and he runs into his greatest adversary yet, a feisty young Echidna by the name of Knuckles. Since Sonic did not see Knuckles in his way, Sonic dropped all the Chaos Emeralds, Knuckles wasted no time in picking them up, laughing at Sonic going away. Sonic soon re meets up with Tails, and the two are on their way to stopping Robotnik and catching up to this worthy young Echidna. Mean while back at Robotnik's ultra secret hide out he has recaptured many of the furry little animals, and turned them into robots. He has found out that Sonic has landed on Angel Island, and knows he may still posses the Chaos Emerald's. He will try once again to take that Chaos Emeralds back. Well since this game had 4 characters let me get more in detail with each one individually. Sonic the Hedgehog- He's been the hero throughout the series, he has been trying for years to put a stop to Robotnik and his evil doing. It seemed as though not much has worked, and even though he tried, Robotnik would always escape. Sonic has been described as young harsh and rude at times, and his main agenda of life is moving fast. Tails the Fox- Tails young and in experienced. He tries desperately to fit in with Sonic, even though he knows he wills never beat Sonic in a foot race, Sonic take him along anyway. Tails has been gifted to be born with two tails, which gave him a very un fox like ability to fly. He has learned that ability even more in this version, since he is a little older and stronger. Dr. Robotnik- Your main oath like enemy, he has invented many machines and is now trying desperately to rule the world. He has gave this many tries and has not yet to succeed. This time he is bent on determination and will stop at nothing to put an end to Sonic and his furry friend Tails. Knuckles the Echidna- He is relatively new to the series, and seems to be like Sonic's rival. He also possesses relatively close to Sonic's speed plus many added incentives. He was named properly "Knuckles" because of his sharp and lethal Knuckles he possesses on each hand. Knuckles like Sonic is considered the king like creature in Angel Island much like Sonic is back at his place. Knuckles feels threatened by the young Hedgehog and will try and thwart him at every chance he will get. Graphics 10/10 Well Sonic appears to be smaller in this version, but that is not a problem his detail has vastly improved. Even though throughout the entire series he has been detailed this time it seems as though he has got an even better face, an a more detailed body. Tails look a bit bigger though, maybe the represent the fact that he has grown some since the last adventure. The backgrounds are just as gorgeous as ever, and really took an overall turn for the better, everything is clear and large. There is more things in the background than ever, and it overall took a better look than the previous ones did, if that is at all possible. Like on the first Act when the Grove catches on fire, it looks very realistic like the smoky backgrounds, the burning trees, and other things. Knuckles the new character is highly detailed him self and is a bit taller than sonic, is he strands more up right though, that may have something to do with it. Also last second touches have been added, for instance, Sonic has new waiting too long animations, and they look a lot better than they did before. It also seemed, even though the other ones were colorful, this had the most colors packed into it. I truly though that the graphics on this game were great and some of the best that I had a chance to witness for the Genesis. Sound 10/10 The music in this game is outstanding! This has to be the second best in the series, the best would be its sequel. The sound effects took a turn in the right directions, as you would hear more last second things going on in the background and the fore ground. The music in some of these stages were truly remarkable, especially in the opening stage and some of the later ones, it was the type that kept you humming after you played I reckon. One thing that I found to be a huge error, on the part of Sega was the fact that they severely changed the opening theme, all though it was good too, but it just wasn't the same as the original. Because that was different the invincibility stars music has changed, as well, I know these aren't huge but they are noticeable. Well the good music out weighed the bad, in this game and I have to say besides the opening theme there wasn't anything bad about this game. Most games for Genesis would have considered having that opening theme well, and would have been the high light music. The sounds went well with the gorgeous graphics in this game, and made it an overall enjoyable experience to watch and listen. Game Play 10/10 This game is for one or two players, you have the same two characters to chose from Sonic & Tails. They both have new abilities which enhance the game, such as for a limited time Tails is able to fly, and he can even hoist up Sonic while doing this to take him over the heads of enemies, and never before reached places. Sonic has a sort of a double jump where, his spiked hair stands up and it results into a nasty attack on any badnik. Also there are some new power ups, which are way better than the rather lame ones from the original 2 games. Now you have a fire shield, which makes you invincible to fire, and Sonic can do a glide with it. Then there is an Electric shield, which attracts rings to you, gives you a double jump, and deflects projectiles. Last but not least is a water shield which is like a bubble, which gives you a quick jump, or if you are in water unlimited air. There is a new Special Stage, which is hard to believe even better than the one found on the second Sonic game. It is set in a 3D atmosphere, where you have to collect a certain amount of blue spheres, usually all the ones available with no time limit, but in actuality after a while the game speeds up increasing difficulty. You still have to collect all the Chaos Emeralds, to get your bonus, which is just like the one you got from Sonic the Hedgehog 2. Also there is an updated vs. mode in this one, you can pick Sonic Knuckles or Tails to play as. If you don't have the Sonic & Knuckles cartridge you won't be able to do any of Knuckles trademark attacks. Anyway, you have either a time challenge or a point challenge to choose from and a lot of different stages to chose from as well. Or you can do a race for it all and play through each one to beat a human controlled opponent or certain unbeatable time. Also new to this game is the Save mode, this was a VERY good idea on the part of Sega to include it. Now at the end of each stage you can save your game, it is auto so you come back at any time to replay, and relive this Sonic game. Even though I think this was the shortest Sonic the Hedgehog game, it has to be one of the toughest. There are next to nil chances of you actually completing the whole game during one play through, the difficulty has been beefed up severely and is way harder than the original and its sequel. The difficulty I would say is hard, and this one even though it may seem like was not geared towards the younger audience, which his a plus for experience gamers such as myself. As I mentioned before there was the save game feature, which was a good feature to include also this game has some secrets put in it that you can figure out. Overall 10/10 This was an absolutely fabulous game bar nothing. This has got to be of the strait classics for Genesis, and one of the games you would not put down in a long time. My only real small and little gripe was the opening music it could have been better than this. It was still good, but I was inspected more from it here in this department. Well with all the things that have been approved who even cares about that? Like the ability to save, another character better graphics better everything. The fun factor on this game is very high considering the fact that this game has more packed into it than ever, and that you and a friend could play this for hours without and side of boredom. Also when Sonic & Knuckles came out it increases the replay value on this game 10 fold. Not only can you relive the adventure as Sonic you can also do it with Knuckles which increases the fun and the replay ability. With Sonic & Knuckles it also had more secrets as well. Although some would argue that this game was not complete, and I would have to agree with them. If you use a cheat code, you will see that there were 3 levels, which you could not choose, and there was no way to chose. That was something missing, which I felt, should have been added to make this game more complete. Also some things that have been added, that make this a more worth while experience. This is a game I would not pass up especially if you have Sonic & Knuckles.

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