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Reviewed by Dyson Turner Skitchin' is a great and fun game. Its like Road Rash on Blades but a ton more fun. This is definitely one of those you could pick up when you're bored and played again and again. I think the fat of all the fun you and a friend or a group of friends can get into with this that it is a great game and better than most. You see people don't understand that fact of this game, this I would consider more of a party game, and even though its fun by yourself I would suggest playing this with a group. My first impression on this was wow, this game is so much fun. It's a little frustrating at first seeing as though, it will take a while to learn any of the cool flips and spins and how to grab cars effectively. You will get it after a while and this game is a ton of fun after that point. I think though some of the later stages of the game get a little difficult and you will get frustrated at this a lot. You will think some of these stages are unbeatable and they seem that way too. Graphics 8.0/10 An over looked factor of this game was how greater the graphics were, they were some of the best I seen in a long time. Even though all the bladers look the same and had the same bodies they were all large and had an nice overall size to them like most everything else in this game. The cars that were that in this game all looked great as well and they looked similar to some modern cars. You also had the scenery. You were skitchin' in a different city, and these cities pretty much resembled the real thing. Like New York had plentiful taxicabs. Before each race you would see a person whom usually was the best on each course they all had a young punk look to them, and they were drawn quite well. The opening scene where you talked to the guy who was selling blades outside of his car looked, great it reminded me of the guy from Skate or Die in the skate shop. The falls and flips were all done tremendously they looked very realistic an almost looked motion captured, because of all the small details. Like the way the bladder would hold their arms, And they way their whole body looked in the air. The overlook of the graphics on this game was excellent even to today's standards. Sound 7.5/10 There was some pretty good music in this game. Some real jumpy rock tunes accompanied you through out. Even though I'm not a Rock fan one would have to appreciate what was done here in this game. I especially like the music that played in the beginning of the game am quite inspirational and gave you a feel for what was in store later for you. Some of the stages however gave you a bore, mostly the ones in the middle. The ones in the beginning and in the end were all great and gave you a sense of realism and what would be expected while Skitchin'. The sound effects were pretty good as well, you had all the expected city sounds like cars honking and people screaming. You heard others too like the sound of yells when cars and the other songs like the bladers getting hit by cars and their yelling. The overall music attempt in this game was pretty good and it went well with the graphics, and gave you a good experience. Game Play 9.0/10 This game is for one or two players. You had a lot of different modes to chose from to help with the replay value of the game. You and a friend could go head to head, or against a pack of other racers. You could also play solo and try to advance and become the grand champion skitcher. The basic idea of the game was to get on the back of cars and then skate off. That's also where the name came from hitching and skating put together. You would try to propel against your opposition and try and knock them off of cars. You also hit flips on the ramps and dirt piles on the side of the road to gain points and try to advance in the bonus round. Usually hitting a flip would get you pass some obstacle or road obstruction. If you did well with speed or hitting flips you would be able to play a bonus round for bonuses like cooler weapons not found in regular play. Some of these weapons like the shock stick worked exceptionally well. You would gain money, for doing cooler flips, which would be used to update your equipment like protective gear, and new skates, which made you faster and better. Most of the time it was hard just keeping up with the competition and getting the average gear and what ever you could get. The difficulty was hard and there was passwords given in the game. Overall 9.0/10 This is a very good game and I recommend it to any Road Rash, fan this is a nice change of pace. This is actually more fun than Road Rash in my opinion and a game you would really need to get. The Fun Factor on this is through the roof and beyond, by yourself or wit ha friend you are guaranteed a good time. The replay value is actually pretty low, after you beat it you may play again and the newness is gone, you will go hopping for a new adventure. I also think the only flaw is that were not enough flip to do. No Handstands and none of the other cool stuff found in some other games. You couldn't jump on park benches and just skate along them, and it was too easy to crash or get busted by the cops. Other than that is a very good game ands I suggest it to anyone out there looking for a good one for the Genesis.

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