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Reviewed by Dale Kulas Graphics: 8: Electronic Arts made this game, they're also the same people who brought us Road Rash. The skaters look awesome, and so do all the vehicles. The game looks really good all together, but sometimes in multiplayer mode, the game comes to a complete standstill for a second or two. Sound: 7: You got your regular gang type music here, with somebody saying "Skitchin" when the game starts. All the sound effects sound good, especially when you get nailed by a car. Gameplay: 8: You are a rollerblader, you rollerblade on a road, and you look on your rearview mirror, to see if a car is zommin down your way, if one is, you press left(or right) on the control pad and the C button simultaneously, and your blader will bend down with his arm sticking out in the direction you pressed the control pad, and you try to grab on to the bumper of the car, you'd be safer off too, if you duck while on the back of the car, because sometimes if the driver sees you, he'll pop his truck and you'll fly off, and some times your rival bladers will skitch onto the same vehicle you're on, sometimes up to 3 at a time, you're gonna have to punch or kick him off, but you can pick up weapons laying along the side of the road to like a lead pipe, baseball bat, a whip, a chain, or electric tazer stick. You get bonus points for skitching onto a police car as well. You gotta finish within the top 3 to progress onto the next race, and you get cash for finishing your races too, so you can upgrade your wheels, pads, helmets, and the rest of your gear too. This also happens to be the same game that I got my internet handle in, you gotta come up with a name for your blader, most of the other name of the other bladers have gang type names like Chainz, etc. so off the top of my head I came up with Gruel. Replay Value: 8: There's a few modes of gameplay, there's a practice round where you can just race a round for fun, and there's tournament mode where you get to go on a tournament of several races where whoever has the most cash at the end of it wins, plus the game's a blast to play in multiplayer. Overall: 8: The game is really fun to play, fans of the Road Rash series will love this game which is very unique.

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